[Shots] Cobra Kai actress Peyton List to launch beauty brand ‘Pley Beauty’

โ“˜ Featured image Credits: Official Pley Beauty Facebook page


American actress and model Peyton List, popularly known for her roles in Netflix Cobra Kai, Disney’s Jessie, and Bunk’d, is launching her beauty brand ‘Pley Beauty‘ in partnership with Creative Beauty. List will add entrepreneurship to her resume and join the likes of beauty celebs like Kylie Jenner.

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The company aims to offer a more playful side of clean beauty, encourage creative self-expression, vibrant colors, rich textures, and versatile formats. Each Pley Beauty product will exhibit high-performance and cutting-edge formulas that are good for skin and environment. – said the company in a press statement.

Also, the product packaging will be made with recycled materials. Besides this, Pley Beauty will be a plastic neutral brand. This means, for every piece of plastic used, an equivalent amount of waste will be removed from nature.

Pley Beauty products will be launched direct to consumers soon in 2022.


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