Delhi-based data scientist launches ‘Deep Tech Bytes’ as a techno-social initiative

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  • Deep Tech Bytes- A Global platform in the form of a digital magazine to educate the people about the recent trends and leading technologies- Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc.

Tarun Khanna, a Delhi-based data scientist and entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the deep tech domain including data science, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, last month launched Deep Tech Bytes, a digital magazine that aims to educate and inspire the users – making them well-versed with the emerging technologies, all without bearing any costs.

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The founder of the digital magazine claims that people in the current times, especially amid the COVID-19 scenario are being bombarded with webinars, online workshops, podcasts and similar stuff which people find difficult to consume and absorb.

The world is changing pretty quickly but still, there are certain trends like digital publications and blogs that never die and the content published on such portals has a longer shelf-life compared to other forms of content published on the web. In fact, people use Google for everything they need information for, and the search engine gives prime weightage to blog and digital magazine content.

On similar lines, Khanna in a press statement said,

“It is important to identify which one out of the digital content mediums has highest visibility rate, and we aim to primarily leverage the same coupled with the influence of new deep tech technologies on our lives and their potential of augmenting the future,”

Speaking of Deep Tech Bytes as a ‘techno-social’ initiative, Tarun said,

“By seeing the title, some might assume that the portal helps people with technology, that’s right, but on top of that DTB is the best fit as a techno-social initiative because sharing knowledge globally has always been my desire and it benefits the society by keeping them informed about all the technological disruptions and preparing them for the future, whereby, replacing the traditional methodologies of both working and living.”

Talking about the genesis of Deep Tech Bytes, Khanna shared,

“My journey started as a software developer then phase by phase; I helped multiple clients via various roles such as software developer, digital marketers, technology consultant, and data scientist. I have served almost more than 70 companies via my skills with complete satisfaction. Sharing knowledge is one of the top interests that I was missing for a long time, so now I have taken the initiative in the digital magazine- Deep Tech Bytes. You can believe that I can’t express how great I am feeling after starting it. It gives me supreme satisfaction to share the knowledge.”

Sharing the growth plans for Deep Tech Bytes, Khanna said,

“My one favourite line from a poem ‘miles to go before sleep’, the current progress that you witness so far on the platform is a straight outcome of the whole DTB team as they spent the months of lockdown in ideating the concept, development, curating content and deploying their expertise in a number of other activities. We currently have a lot on our plate and I assume that there is a big responsibility for us to cater and opportunities to cherish moving on.”

Wajiha Wahab
Wajiha Wahab

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