Dubai’s adtech startup ArabyAds acquires AdFalcon

Featured image: Co-founders of ArabyAds, Mohammed Khartabil (L) and Mahmoud Fathy


Dubai, UAE-based adtech startup ArabyAds, on Sunday, acquired another advertising and data platform AdFalcon which is again based in Dubai.

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Founded in 2013 by Mahmoud Fathy and Mohammed Khartabil, ArabyAds is an advertising intelligence firm that provides marketing solutions for businesses in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The company also has branches across Cairo, Egypt and Amman, Jordan. The company in a statement also stated that it is planning to expand to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

The acquired company AdFalcon (formerly Noqoush) offers a Demand Manager (FSP), Bridge Technology, and an Ad Network for businesses to enable clients to reach their targeted audience through programmatic buying, various ad formats, flexible targeting options and multiple pricing models.

By acquiring AdFalcon, ArabyAds will support its mission of revolutionizing the adtech domain across the MENA region by utilising AdFalcon’s technologies and go beyond mobile experiences.

On similar lines, Mahmoud Fathy, CEO of rabyAds, in a statement said,

“Our vision to become the region’s first AdTech platform can only be realized by such strategic strides. We see this opportunity as the first of many to aid us in our endeavor. More than anything we are excited to have the brilliant team behind AdFalcon’s technology join our family. We are thrilled to see what we will achieve together.”

Speaking of AdFalcon’s technology, Fathy further added,

“The exceptional technology suite AdFalcon has developed in the past years complements the vision of ArabyAds with an exceptional added value to the performance marketing services we’ve been offering the past 6 years. The acquisition was a great and exciting move for us and another stepping-stone as we continue to enhance our presence not just in the UAE but across the whole MENA region. These forms of acquisitions are imperative for today’s businesses as every company should work relentlessly on providing its clients and partners with the most suitable solutions and products.”

Talking of the expansion plans, Fathy said,

“We are very committed to our expansion plans in the region, especially with the growing potential the Mobile Marketing industry has to offer. We will continue to look at new partnership/business opportunities as we aim to expand and establish our presence in several markets in the region including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia.”

Besides this, ArabyAds is aiming to tap into more opportunities steadily through more acquisition opportunities.

“One of the methods of achieving this beyond growing our company internally through hiring the talented calibre is through mergers and acquisitions with other distinguished parties to work on maximizing the success of our products and serve our ultimate goal of optimizing results. The industry is continuously evolving and ArabyAds is constantly responding to the market’s demands and the growing potential, based on solid data and forecasting.” – said Fathy

ArabyAds last year in April raised $6.5 million in a Series A round led by EQ2 Ventures.

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