Dubai-based Repeat raises $2.5m in a Series A round

▸ Repeat helps restaurants increase their revenues while giving targeted and tailored rewards to their most loyal customers.
▸ Repeat is the world’s first player to apply the principles of dynamic personalised pricing to the F&B industry.


Repeat, Dubai-based tech startup has recently raised $2.5 million funding without disclosing the names of the investors. The startup through its mobile app helps customers get rewards and best pricing options at the restaurants and food outlets they frequently visit. The platform completely bypasses users’ effort to wait or apply coupon codes or deals.

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Currently serving Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, the startup also has a customer loyalty programme that helps its registered restaurants assess the loyalty of every customer, get access to data and public profile of customers to provide tailored offers and rewards. This also helps merchants in terms of retaining relationships with customers and the same in the case of the customers.

It is important to note, Repeat is the first player in the world to deploy the principles of dynamic personalised pricing in the F&B (Food & Beverage) industry.

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Anam Mirajkar
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