Dubai’s Careem Eyes New Markets for Hala Taxi JV

  • The new joint venture with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority will cover 5,500 taxis in Dubai by mid-September

Ride-hailing app Careem plans to expand its newly launched Hala joint venture to other parts of the region following its initial success in Dubai, according to senior executives.


The new company – a joint venture with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority – allows users to book a Dubai taxi via the Careem app.

An initial trial run of the service began with 2,000 Dubai taxis, but will now cover 5,500 taxis by mid-September.

Speaking to reporters last week, the CEO of Hala, Clemence Dutertre, said that the service will likely expand to partner with other public transportation entities in other regions in which Careem operates.

“That’s the idea,” she said. “From Hala’s standpoint, we have a mission to expand to public transportation in Dubai and the UAE, and further in the region.”

Similarly, Bassel Al Nahlaoui, the managing director of Careem Gulf and Pakistan, said that the company’s ambition is to “replicate the success [of Hala] across the region.”

“Since we’ve announced this with the RTA and a sophisticated government like Dubai’s, there’s been a lot of interest globally,” he said. “We want Hala to be that vehicle that expands this technology and service across the region.”

As part of the new agreement, contracts have been signed between Hala and all of Dubai’s seven taxi franchise companies.

Prices range from AED 8 during regular hours to AED 9 at night and 12 AED during peak hours. The company aims to bring estimated times of arrival to less than 5 minutes over the next few months.

Originially published on Arabian Business.

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