Dubai’s Hotel Data Cloud bags $350K funding in a seed round

Featured image: HDC founder Gregor Amon; Credits: Arabian Business


The Dubai, UAE headquartered Hotel Data Cloud (HDC) on Sunday (April 12) announced that it has raised $350K in a seed funding round from some regional and international investors.

While the names of the investors are not disclosed, there are a few noteworthy details that the startup has shared in a press statement.

HDC will deploy the funds to help hotels re-connect with customers remotely by offering an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based engine. The engine will help hotels optimise their customer experience and expand their customer base. On a broader level, the engine will help hotels get back to their pace as soon as the crisis is over.

The company currently has a portfolio of over 11,400 hotels across 153 countries. And with the freshly raised funds and technology, it will create a customisable AI-powered travel recommendations engine which will increase the click-through-rate (CTR) by over 35 percent for online bookings.

Gregor Amon, co-founder & managing partner at HDC in the statement said,

“The travel and hospitality industry has taken a catastrophic hit and we need to work together to ensure a fast and effective recovery,”

“We’re very proud of our investors, who believe in the vision of HDC and have stepped up to ensure that we are able to accelerate the introduction of AI and machine learning into our systems.”

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