Egyptian Startup Orcas raises $500,000 from Algebra Ventures and NFX Ventures

The Egyptian ed-tech startup Orcas that connects students and parents with specialized tutors and babysitters has just raised $500,000 in a Pre-Series A funding round from Algebra Ventures and NFX Ventures.


About Orcas

Founded in 2013 by Hossam Taher, Amira El Gharib, Omar Fayez and Ahmed Ismail, Orcas (formerly CairoSitters) is a Cairo, Egypt-based platform available as a mobile application where individuals can list themselves and offer services to people seeking tutors and babysitters. The individuals are rated on the basis of customer ratings.

The startup initially leveraged their Facebook page to acquire customers and launched the mobile app in 2017. Currently, Orcas is being used by over 20,000 parents across Cairo, Alexandria, El Gouna, and the North Coast.

Quotes closing the deal

“Our students, parents, and partners are our primary focus. We will use this investment to develop our product offering and scale our operational capacity with the end goal of optimising user experience for all our stakeholders”

“Designed with school summer vacations in mind, Orcas Discoveries are events that allow children to expand their horizons and explore a range of exciting activities. Offering everything from cooking and coding workshops to art, culture, and music trips in a variety of languages – they’re designed to safely engage children while developing their skills and enriching their experiences.”

– Amira El Gharib, Orcas, Chief Growth Officer.


“Orcas complements strained traditional educational institutions by connecting students with specialized tutors who enable individualized learning,‘ says an Algebra spokesperson. ‘The one-size-fits-all model is leaving many young people behind, and the market is ripe for technological disruption.’

– Algebra Ventures

“Orcas and other tech-enabled tutoring platforms are delivering today on what academic research promised more than 20 years ago. Students who are tutored one-to-one perform significantly better than students who learn via conventional instructional methods. This used to be a luxury very few people could afford but now through tech-enabled platforms like Orcas a much wider group of students can reap the personalized tutoring benefits.”

– Ahmed Elkalla, a Managing Partner at NFX Capital

“This investment is a great push towards us becoming the biggest mobile application providing tutors, babysitters and educational learning experiences to all parents in Egypt and the region.”

– Hossam Taher, Co-founder & CEO, Orcas

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