EroeGo, UAE’s first food waste fight startup gets entry into MassChallenge Israel

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UAE’s first-ever sustainable impact food waste fight company, EroeGo has been accepted into the 2021 accelerator program, MassChallenge Israel. The prestigious four-month program will include 41 Israeli and international startups across sectors including E-Commerce, Agriculture, Aerospace, Energy, Healthcare, Social Impact and more. The program is projected to be held from April to July 2021.

Selected after a rigorous judging process of applicants from more than thirty countries around the world and a panel made up of leading experts from global organizations, companies participating in the program will benefit from connections to MassChallenge’s professional partners in Israel and around the world.

Although yet to be officially launched, EroeGo is already making waves in the fast-growing community of conscious consumers in the UAE who acknowledge the impact of their purchases and choose to make a difference with every shopping bag.

Research has shown that four billion dollars’ worth of waste food can be saved annually in the UAE. The UAE government has also pledged to cut down food waste by 50 percent before the year 2030 in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12 of Responsible Consumption and Production.

EroeGo will run a business model that will provide a fast, sustainable and equitable grocery delivery system in an effort to fight food waste and climate change. The concept will also have a commission structure which will benefit drivers to make them feel appreciated, as demand for online delivery is expected to increase.

The company also aims to fix the broken online grocery system, and also allow consumers to access soon to expire fresh groceries at affordable prices hence helping them to have an option of choosing the sustainable way one carrot at a time. The app works by first identifying, then directing consumers to the location of best before food before it gets thrown away. EroeGo also offers delivery allowing these foods to be incorporated into the regular grocery shopping routine.

Speaking about their excitement on getting selected in MassChallenge Israel accelerator program, Daniel Solomon, Co-founder of EroeGo, in a statement said,

“Globally, the annual food waste market is worth $2.6 trillion; and eliminating food waste accounts for 8% of our total emissions. Due to what is at stake here and the magnitude of the food waste challenge and since we all have a part to play, the rise of conscious consumers and businesses is here to stay, which is good for the wallet and the planet smiles, a win-win for all. We are living in a food waste epidemic in which nobody will win if collectively we do not play our part. For that reason, we do not see competitors, we see partners, as the magnitude of the epidemic demands more companies solving the food loss issue collectively to ensure that we provide viable options for a sustainable world. EroeGo’s participation in the MassChallenge program will allow it to benefit from a global network, as well as to tap into its ecosystem to solve many raging issues associated with the sector.”

In addition to Israel, the 2021 MassChallenge Israel program comprises startups from eleven countries including Germany, Ghana, India, Mexico, Norway, Rwanda, South Africa, Spain, The United Arab Emirates and The United States; with forty two percent of these startups being led by a female leadership team or co-founder.

EroeGo’s vision is aligned to achieving the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and so is MassChallenge Israel committed to scaling start-ups working to eradicate global hunger, promote quality education, good health, well-being, clean water, sanitation and affordable and clean energy.

To access EroeGo, users can join the waiting list of the conscious buyer’s app, then find priority products and purchase soon to expire items at a discounted price via its user-friendly interface, and finally get seamless and guaranteed scheduled delivery in the comfort of your home or office. The conscious consumers will then be able to measure their positive environmental impact by using the app’s sustainability score that will increase every time a meal is rescued.

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