Expert Tips to keep your business premises secure

Without business security, your organization will be exposed to various physical threats that range from property damage, vandalism, burglary, theft, and more. These threats can cost a business a fortune and sometimes damage a company’s reputation with employees and clients.


While standard security systems that include alarms and CCTV monitoring are essential, these measures can heighten premises security to reduce physical threats to your business effectively.

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Use Modern ALPR Technology

Automatic License Plate Recognition, or ALPR systems, is an advanced security feature that uses innovative technology to identify vehicle number plates in real time. ALPR technology captures and then cross-references license plates to match vehicles to drivers. This technology can be used to restrict parking access, heighten safety, and reduce security costs. Because these systems help businesses avoid the costs of hiring additional security personnel, it is a wise investment.

ALPR systems make it possible to speed up the response time to security threats and break-ins and to apprehend suspects. Moreover, this technology makes it possible to identify suspects more accurately.

Install Access Control

While an ALPR system will monitor activity outside your business, you will still need to secure your business from the inside. With the right access control system and modern door control technology, you can accurately capture all foot traffic inside your business premises and secure authorized areas.

Modern access control solutions might seem a costly implementation, but when considering that these systems reduce the need for human labor, businesses can reduce overhead costs while effectively securing the premises.

Opt For Motion-Detection Outdoor Lighting

As with residential security suggestions, motion-detection outdoor lighting is an effective way to deter criminals. Surrounding the exterior area of the building with this kind of lighting is the best way to protect your business at night.

While it’s still recommended to hire some security personnel to detect and diffuse threats, motion-detection lighting will remove the need for an extra layer of security personnel.

Prevent Employee Theft

Even though it’s essential to avoid treating your employees as suspected criminals, it’s just as important to set boundaries that ensure your employees cannot falter. Unfortunately, over 20% of small business owners report employee theft as a relevant concern. Moreover, a large number of data breaches are also conducted by employees.

Before employing professionals, run thorough background checks that rule out previous criminal activity to prevent employee theft. Thereafter, practice proper bookkeeping, monitor all monetary activity, and actively participate in the business.

Purchase Insurance

Business insurance is undeniably essential for potential property damage, employee injury and illness claims, compensation payouts, and even theft. Even though insurance can’t prevent these instances from occurring, you can claim in the event that they do.

Security measures are inarguably essential. But once you have physically secured the premises, learning how to protect your business from cyber threats in today’s tech-savvy world is the next step. The impacts of cyber attacks can cripple any business. So be sure to implement cybersecurity best practices to safeguard internet-connected systems and data.

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