Facial hair removal at home – Is it Possible?



Do you see dull skin when you look in the mirror? Why is that?

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The reason could be facial hair. It’s common but still a concern. This is especially true for women who have dense facial hair, which is usually due to genetic or hormonal conditions.

Whatever the reason, we know that most of you must be looking for permanent ways to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

Facial hair removal at home: top ways to remove hair at home

There are a few home remedies that you can try for facial hair removal at home. However, there is no evidence that these remedies will work out perfectly and give you hair-free skin. So, we’ll also talk about a method that will eliminate unwanted hair for good.

Let’s dive into it without waiting any longer!

1. Sugaring

Before we start throwing around jargon, let’s get into the basics.

Sugaring is an ancient way of removing hair that has recently gained popularity. During the process, a golden paste made up of three ingredients (sugar, lemon juice and water) is moulded onto the area you’d like to remove hair from.

Since sugaring means ripping your hair from the root, it’s normal to experience some pain. The hair won’t grow for at least 2-3 weeks, but it isn’t a method for permanent facial hair removal at home.

2. Shaving

Shaving is an inexpensive way to eliminate facial hair at home. It is a pain-free method and does not take much time. But remember, shaving won’t provide lasting results and needs to be done almost every 2 days.

What else?

There may be a risk of minor injuries, such as cuts. While you can rely on shaving for facial removal at home, it does not provide permanent results.

3. Threading

We all have got it done at least once in our lives. Threading is an effective way to eliminate hair from small areas of the face, such as the upper lips and eyebrows. Since threading removes hair by the root and is precise, it is one of the best methods to shape your brows.

Threading is usually done by an expert, but you can also learn the technique in no time.

Alert! If you have sensitive skin, be ready to experience redness, itching and swelling after threading.

4. Depilatory creams

Depilatory cream is a thick substance that is spread over the skin. These creams are left over the skin for a few minutes to weaken hair strands. You can wipe the cream later, which leaves the skin hair-free and soft.

These creams can lead to skin irritation; hence a patch test is advised. Make sure to apply the cream to a smaller, less visible area to check for sensitivity.

5. Egg white and cornstarch mask

A lot of influencers and beauty experts talk about the benefits of natural ingredients for your skin.

In fact, natural ingredients like eggs can also help remove facial hair. A mix of eggs and cornstarch eliminates dead skin cells and facial hair. However, there is no scientific evidence that this mask helps in permanent facial removal at home.

6. Laser hair removal – a permanent method for hair removal

We’ve educated you enough about home remedies to get rid of facial hair. But do these methods offer a permanent solution? No!

So, what should you do in that case? You can resort to laser hair removal, a trusted and permanent way to eliminate hair from your face and other body parts.

Laser hair removal has truly become a blessing for people who do not want to experience pain during hair removal over and over again. The laser procedure uses a high energy laser to destroy the hair follicle and prevent hair growth.

Take a look at why laser hair removal is better than other hair removal methods.

  • Painless experience – Don’t get used to pain! Switch to laser hair removal, which is a painless procedure for permanent removal of hair.
  • Successful results – Laser hair removal is a satisfying experience as the results are amazing. You get smooth, hair-free skin without the need to spend money on waxing every month.
  • Quick – Each session of laser hair removal only takes a few minutes. Plus, there is no downtime, and you can get back to your everyday life immediately.

Sounds exciting, right? If you need to get permanent facial removal at home, you can also get in touch with skinnsi. The company promises affordable at-home services using the latest technology. Plus, they are also good at responding to queries! Don’t believe us? Shoot them your query and get prompt customer service. Say bye to facial hair today.

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