Fani Cyclone Updates

Live Blog - Fani Cyclone Updates
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The following blog was live from 4th May to 5th May 2019

It was Friday 3rd May when the strongest storm of the last 20 years turned into a cyclone shook the nation by killing 7 people on the first day.

Earlier it was Srilanka massacre that caused deaths and havoc. The world couldn’t get over that and now this cyclone called ‘Fani’ played its role in further destruction.

On 21st April, IMD (India Meteorological Department) forecasted the cyclone. It was expected to hit Odisha (Orissa) coast between 10 am and 12 pm on Friday. Which is why the government made special efforts to control the potential damages, the most significant one was to evacuate 8,00,000 people from the reg