Unique features and characteristics of Tissot watches you need to know

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There’s been a big-time interest in watches among entrepreneurs for decades, and when it comes to business, having a collection of watches especially vintage is definitely not dramatized.

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Mechanical watches are predominantly known as vintage types of watches since they work almost manually. It requires the user to wind it whenever it needs time adjustment, but it does make this kind of timepiece any less. Mechanical watches are still relevant today and still used by so many people, especially with their availability in the market. The well-crafted materials used make it valuable and expensive. It not only showcases beauty and elegance but also functions well. It gives people a sentimental value associated with owning a well-crafted material.

Watches have a long and exciting history. Their success in the fashion market is indeed remarkable, thanks to the hardworking watchmakers. So purchasing a mechanical watch won’t be easy because there are many factors that you have to consider. There is a wide range of watch brands, and one of them is Tissot. Here are some of the features of a Tissot watch you need to know about.

Standout Features of Tissot’s Mechanical Wristwatches

Tissot watches in the mechanical category have an average of 100 precision parts, with the balance wheel as the heart that ensures accuracy. The back-and-forth motions are balanced by a spring, controlling the movement of the watch hands. The vibration is what makes the watch tick and function with up to 385,000 rpm. What’s nice about Tissot is that every watch is sorted into collections, grouping the timepieces according to design, mechanism, and function. The swissmatic movement is considered a watchmaking innovation because of its power reserve that lasts up to 72 hours.

Tissot Watch Characteristics

1. Good Tradition and Heritage

A mechanical watch is very rich in tradition and heritage as they follow watch-making designs from decades ago. It has had an enviable heritage for generations. Different brands produce both mechanical and automatic watches, and most of these brands have history and culture. For example, Tissot watches, a sister of the famous Rolex company, have a rich watchmaking history and tradition with which people want to be associated. The luxury label has different popular models of wristwatches.

Since Tissot’s establishment more than a century ago, the company has grown, expanded, and keeps improving. Classic models like the Tissot Visodate have existed since 1953 and still sell up to date. Other models like the or Tissot Le Locle are also popular dress watches. Even after so many years, Tissot’s mechanical and automatic are still some of the best quality watches you can purchase on a budget.

Innovations in the company made it possible to produce watches with simplified calenders. Thanks to the brand’s quality reputation, different dignitaries have visited their headquarters. In 1960, Tissot welcomed the Prince and Princess of Monaco, this helped them create a market for teenagers. In 1999 Tissot launched the Tissot T-touch, its first touchscreen watch.

Tissot was among the first brands in the world to use the T-Touch Expert Solar energy. It has also partnered with sports stars and supported various teams like the FIBA, NWBA, Fencing, Cycling teams, and Ice Hockey.

2. Durability

Durability is a feature that mechanical watches have. With the invention of smart and quartz-powered watches, mechanical watches are borne from the original artistry of watchmaking since the olden times. Most mechanical watches take time to produce. Some wristwatch models are even handcrafted for months.

Although made with the traditional combination of gears, mechanical watches still possess modern features like water resistance. It can help an athlete set a timer without having concerns about a possible timepiece breakdown.

A water-resistant quality watch makes a watch extra durable and has excellent characteristics like withstand moisture at great depths. Athletes would always want to stay atop the game, and this feature is an indispensable one for them. They can last as much as you can remember. A mechanical watch should have a water-resistant feature, and most brands produce watches with one.

3. Mechanical Watches Are Made With Intricate Parts

One of the reasons people prefer mechanical watches is the level of intricacy involved in making just a single piece. This can entail hundreds of springs and tiny parts coupled to form a time-telling device. These days, you may be impressed by the operation of some smartwatches, but unlike mechanical watches, there isn’t a back story involving arts or crafts.

With the introduction of quartz watches in the mid-nineties, there was a question in the watch industry regarding the survival of mechanical watches. But with time, the watch industry recovered as there was still a market for people who valued precise mechanics. Unlike battery-powered watches, It takes time to master and understand the complete engineering required to produce a mechanical watch. As time changes, the process becomes more sophisticated, and new brands continuously develop different structures and designs to change the game.

As the number of creators and brands continues to grow, the need for creative and artistic art has emerged. The methods, standards, and steps used to produce these mechanical watches over the past centuries are no longer the same. Today brands that produce even mechanical watches incorporate modern designs and features. However, the original complications and movements are still retained. As different watch categories are created, old brands that manufacture mechanical watches also added the needed features like divers watches, pilot watches, and sports watches.


In modern society, watches are considered part of fashion. Even mechanical watches are being matched with stylish outfits. That is why watches are so admired and loved. A lot of watchmakers apply a water-resistance function for extra safety and durability. Every mechanical watch is not only made to last long but also to stay relevant in fashion.

There are so many good mechanical watches out there, but you have to be meticulous when choosing one. It helps to do proper research about a brand you intend to buy and not just rely on word of mouth. You can do this by contacting a verified watch vendor or visiting a watch brand’s official website. You will for sure get your money’s worth when you do so.


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