FinaMaze, AI-powered asset management firm launches in ADGM, UAE

FinaMaze, AI-powered asset management firm launches in ADGM, UAE
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Featured image: Mehdi Fichtali, Founder & CEO, FinaMaze; Credits: Supplied

  • The asset management firm was launched during Fintech Abu Dhabi festival 2020
  • The company aims to bring an innovative class of personalised investments to the MENA region

Abu Dhabi-based FinaMaze announces the launch of its ground-breaking AI-powered Robo Asset Manager for the MENA region.

Launched during Fintech Abu Dhabi 2020 forum, FinaMaze is capturing the attention of experts in the country with its unique combination of AI, data-science and academically-acclaimed models that are shedding the light on the importance of behavioral biases when it comes to making personal financial decisions.

Inspired by Richard Thaler’s Nobel prize-winning behavioral finance, FinaMaze creates a Second Brain for each investor, a concept astutely articulated by best-selling author Yuval Harari.

FinaMaze offers tailor-made solutions to navigate the financial investment maze through Smartfolios designed according to each investor’s decision-making and attitude in both simulated and real financial situations. The AI aims to reveal the natural financial behavior, the risk appetite and the goals of each investor, out of thousands of possible multi-dimensional profiles.

The AI Robo Asset Manager further boosts investment performance by detecting financial market trends and applying market sentiment analysis.

Speaking of the launch, Mehdi Fichtali, the Founder and CEO of FinaMaze, in a press statement said,

“After screening several centers in the Middle East and Europe, the FinaMaze Senior team, with its decades of banking and asset management experience in New York, London, Geneva and Dubai with ADIA, Morgan Stanley, The Capital Group, Barclays Capital, UBS and Citibank, opted to anchor FinaMaze and develop its proprietary systems and platform in ADGM, a fintech ecosystem in sync with our core values: dynamic, agile, decisively forward-looking, empowered by visionary leadership, in a region with untapped growth potential, impatient to live the future today,”

With a strong ethical and academic-based set of values, the FinaMaze launch is a testament to the growth of a strong native fintech ecosystem rising out of Abu Dhabi. Based in ADGM, FinaMaze is Regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) and holds an extended Asset Management License.

2020 witnessed an increased demand for personalised asset management solutions. Built to respond to this need, FinaMaze’s approach is centred around each investor’s persona and seeks to deliver a highly intuitive, exclusive and trusted investment experience.

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