Gamiphy – Palestine-based user engagement & acquisition platform raises six figures

Image details: Gamiphy co-founder Aws Al-Nabusi; credits: Wamda


The Palestine-based user engagement and retention platform Gamiphy yesterday (28 Jan) raised undisclosed six figures in a pre-Series A round led by Ibtikar Fund with participation from Al Mohallab Kuwait Real Estate Company and Al-Joud Kuwait Holding Company.

The latest funding round after 16 months for Gamiphy, the previous one being raised in September 2018 from Ibitikar itself.

Founded by Aws Al-Nabusi and Ahmad Alstaty in 2017, Gamiphy offers plug & play tools to businesses to help them empower their strategies in different verticals, such as customer engagement, acquisition, retention and loyalty, through games, workforce management and motivation through gamification.

Statements enclosing the funding round as reported by Wamda:

“It has been exciting working closely with our clients over the past two years to refine our offering and address their business needs through our platform. With this funding round, Gamiphy will focus on further expansion in key markets in the Mena region and beyond,’’

Aws Al-Nabulsi, CEO & Co-founder, Gamiphy

“In a time when brands are constantly vying for consumers’ attention online, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out, Gamiphy’s solutions are timely, cost-efficient, and easy to implement for any size company. Gamiphy has proven that it can sell to major brands in the MENA region, and that it can spread globally through integrations and partnerships. Ibtikar is proud to continue to support Gamiphy as it grows and expands.”

Ambar Amleh, partner at Ibtikar Fund, and board chair of Gamiphy

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