Google to re-open office in Cairo, Egypt and Hire a New Team for Expansion

Google opened its first MENA office in Cairo, Egypt in 2006 which was moved to Dubai in 2011 due to the Egyptian Revolution that took place on January 25, 2011.


Though the office was closed, but it was used for meetings and activities which were meant to happen in the region. And it more than just good news that the office is about to be re-opened.

Google Managing Director for MENA region, Lino Cattaruzzi, during a recent press event, has announced that Google will be hiring a team for its Egypt office to expand the business in the region and deploy investments in sync with the new legislative reforms laid down by the government of Egypt. Cattaruzzi has also announced that Hesham Al Nazeer will lead the team as the Country Manager.

“For over a decade, Google has served Egyptian users and businesses with its products, services and digital skills training. In the coming months, we will begin hiring for a team to be based in our Cairo office”

Lino Cattaruzzi – Google MD for MENA region

On Sunday, June 23, Cattaruzzi met Sahar Nasr, Egypt’s Investment Minister & International Cooperation to discuss the future investments of the company in Egypt and Africa in order to serve the region, industries and build a sustainable future of Egypt.

For startups based in Egypt—particularly in Cairo—this could be a substantial opportunity for them to get acquainted with potential investors directed via Google. If such scheme works with minimal hindrances and deterrents, the startup scene in Egypt could compete with Ethiopia and other nations in terms of growth.


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