HaikuJAM raises $3.4 Mn in a seed funding round led by Lightbox

ⓘ HaikuJAM co-founders: From left Neer Sharma, Dhrupad Karwa and Andrew Leung; photo credits: Economic Times


HaikuJAM, a social writing platform that enables people to make friends and get networked by writing together, on Saturday (11 January) has raised $3.4 million in a seed funding round led by Lightbox along with other backers Chamath Palihapitiya-led Social Capital, Dunce Capital and the existing backer 2Enable Partners.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the social writing platform was founded in 2015 by Dhrupad Karwa (CEO) along with the former London-based investment bankers Neer Sharma and Andrew Leung.

As reported by the Economic Times, the startup will utilise the fresh funds to build and improvise their AI-powered research tool called INSPO, hiring new talent in the data science and AI teams.

INSPO helps people for searching keywords and quickly displays a set of queries which millennials are following. The tool is under beta and will be launched later this year. It will allow the users to set writing prompts and get cornerstone points to write around them within 30 minutes.

Talking about INSPO, Drupad Karwa, CEO of HaikuJAM told ET…

“One of the biggest sources of waste is when someone has the right product but is telling the wrong story. It’s a waste of energy, talent, and capital. INSPO helps minimise this waste by inspiring teams with new thinking and guiding them to the narratives that matter, leading to even better product experiences,”

Commenting over the investment round, Sandeep Murthy, partner at Lightbox told ET…

“HaikuJAM is building an emotion engine that is unearthing insights about personal wellbeing and views on the world. What’s fascinating about HaikuJAM is how they combine data to understand where and how to create a cost structure advantage in every aspect of their business, from product to content,”

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