Heart Disease – Does good cholesterol protect all from a Heart Attack?



Several heart diseases have cropped up as a result of unhealthy lifestyles and have a significant impact on us. As an individual, you are responsible for your and your family’s health. Hence, you should devise ways to safeguard yourself from all kinds of heart diseases.

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Along with eating healthy, running and exercising, several other things ensure your heart is healthy. Good cholesterol is one way to keep your heart healthy. This guide will help you with everything you need to know about how good cholesterol keeps your heart safe from disease.

ⓘ Disclaimer: The following article is the research work of one of the authors of LAFFAZ for knowledge purposes only. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider in the first place.

What is Good Cholesterol?

High-Density Lipoprotein is also called good cholesterol in general medical terms. Several researchers say that the compound helps predict heart diseases that might affect an individual. While HDL is used to understand the risk of heart disease, it can sometimes fail to give accurate results.

Earlier, it was believed to predict cardiovascular diseases for people from different ethnicities. However, it failed to show similar results for people from some ethnicities. Hence, doctors and medical researchers have unanimously decided to come up with an all-inclusive way of understanding the risk of heart disease.

Benefits of Good Cholesterol

Good cholesterol may not correctly predict the risk of heart disease, but it has some benefits. It collects the bad cholesterol from the entire body and brings them to the liver for processing.

Therefore, they play a major role in cleansing your body as they pick up all the LDL or the bad cholesterol and deposit it in the liver, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. However, good cholesterol must also have a limit if you have a low amount; it might not be adequate for cleansing your entire body. If the HDL is high, the system will become a bit overwhelmed.

Limitations of Using Good Cholesterol as a Measure

Several healthcare professionals might suggest good cholesterol to protect your heart from diseases. While good cholesterol has some benefits, people who consume it regularly may also be exposed to a high health risk. Also, the quality of HDL is even more important than quantity. Hence, regular individuals won’t be able to differentiate what should be consumed and what should not be.

Several kinds of research have shown that HDL cholesterol leads to inaccurate predictions; hence, it cannot be used in isolation to protect your heart from diseases.

Maintaining a Good Heart Health

Good heart health keeps you safe from all ailments and heart diseases. However, the heart is a sensitive organ, and you must go above and beyond to protect it from any externalities. While the benefits of good cholesterol are still ambiguous, the ill effects of bad cholesterol are quite known by everyone.

Therefore, you should reduce the consumption of LDL or bad cholesterol to ensure that your heart is healthy. LDL can only be reduced with good nutrition; hence, you will have to control what you eat and how you eat.

Another way of ensuring heart health is eating food that promotes heart health, like nuts, legumes, fibre, etc. You must include plant protein, avocados, barley, oats, etc., in your meal as they can keep your heart healthy and improve blood circulation. Also, you cannot discount the benefits of exercising and other physical activities regarding heart health.

Importance of Health Insurance

While keeping your heart healthy by bringing in some lifestyle and nutritional changes is good, you should also safeguard yourself from any other externalities that can affect you. Heart diseases can be genetic, and the risk of heart disease increases with age. Also, the treatment of heart disease is quite expensive.

Therefore, you need to safeguard yourself from the financial burden of heart disease. You must buy health insurance for yourself and your family as it takes care of all kinds of procedures and surgeries, pre and post-hospitalisation charges that you might incur while treating heart diseases.

When you buy a health insurance policy to safeguard yourself from the financial burden of treating heart disease or any other disease, you must go through all the clauses of the policy. Additionally, a health insurance policy might cover preventative check-ups, and you must get them done to ensure your heart is healthy and fine.

In Conclusion

Keeping your heart healthy is important, but you must take curative measures if there are problems with the organ. While eating healthy, consuming good cholesterol, exercising, etc., are good measures, you cannot rely on them completely. You must get health insurance to ensure you are covered for all the expenses of treating heart disease.

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