How Aalna Corp is building environment-friendly homes & boosting independent artists

Aalna Corp
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ⓘ Aalna Corp co-founders: from left, Mayank Kharkwal & Ruhnees Rao Gharu

Founded in March 2018 by Mayank Kharkwal and Ruhnees Rao Gharu, Aalna Corp is a New Delhi, India-based firm that deals in real-estate consulting, construction and influencer management. The company helps build environment-friendly homes whilst furnishing transparency and affordability to the clients.

About the founders

Mayank Kharkwal is a B.Com dropout possessing 10 years of experience in varied industries. Kharkwal started working after completing high school and began his career by working at various BPOs for 3 years, then as a partner at a US-based loan and mortgage company for 4 years. After that, he worked at Digital Vidya for a year and got armoured with digital marketing. Alongside working with Digital Vidya, Kharkwal started Aalna as an influencer management company.

On the other hand, Ruhnees Rao Gharu is a B.Tech (Mechanical) dropout having 7 years of work experience in the real estate domain, wherein selling elite properties in South Delhi incepted his interest in doing something even bigger whilst utilising his mastery in the real estate domain.

Core cognition

The founders of Aalna recognised that people suffer from the burden of paying hefty sums in the process of building or renting homes. They usually end up compromising quality because of the jargons and complications created by the builders and brokers.

Talking about the ideation behind Aalna Corp and the real estate vertical of the company, Kharkwal said…

“We gave a thought to many such problems faced by the seekers, and eventually decided to take the action unlike most of the constitution companies which build homes but the place where they are lacking is they are not taking care of the environment which is the very concern of this century,”

“Recycle, Reuse and Renovate is our motto which automatically reduces the cost of construction and helps the environment at the same time as we are moulding the unused metal into a new showpiece. Even the bricks that we use are not the ones which are usually manufactured through coal lead oven, we use the bricks manufactured using electric ovens reducing carbon emissions.” – Kharkwal added

On the similar lines, Gharu said…

“Our motive is to provide transparent deals to the clients as well as taking care of the environment. We make sure that the money the clients are investing in building a home for themselves are not paying anything extra out of their hard-earned money,”

Apart from building environment-friendly homes, Aalna Corp also helps independent artists promote their content and position themselves in both online and offline spaces. The firm is currently taking care of International DJs who have performed in major music festivals like Ultra Music Festival and more.

Talking about the influencer management vertical, Kharkwal said…

“While building environment-friendly homes for which we are utilizing such techniques which are helpful in decreasing the cost of construction. And on the other vertical we are in support of the independent artists who need help in term