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Research has shown that 90% of startup businesses fail within their first year of launch. Therefore, to succeed in promoting your startup, you must have a working strategy. Social media marketing is one of the strategies that has proved to work today. The more you can reach out to traffic organically; the more your sales will be.

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To create awareness, you can simply create a video about your product and post it on social media. In this way, you will be gaining traffic for your website. If you don’t have any money, do not worry.

Videos are the most engaging form of content and play a vital role in promoting your startup.

Now, let us look at some social media networks you can use.

Some social media platforms to promote your startup

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

The success of promoting your business will directly rely on how you interact with your audience.

Letโ€™s start by discussing the strategies that you can use on all social media platforms.

1. Create a Strong Landing Page and Profile

The first step for promoting your startup online is to create your profile. After that, you can create a great landing page for your target audience. You must make it as attractive as possible to turn your prospects into customers.

You will be required to upload a profile picture and a cover photo, followed by filling out your details.
Twitter will only require you to write a bio of 160 characters and provide a link to your website.

To create your profile on Facebook, you will be required to write a brief description of your website and give your phone number and address. Also, donโ€™t forget to add your website link.

2. Upload some quality content

After setting up your profile, you must create quality content related to your startup. Some of the content you could share on your website include blog presentations and videos.

Videos are highly recommended because they have the maximum potential to engage your audience and are the best way to share information about your business.

It would be great if you could amalgamate your blog content with videos.

Make Use of the Friend Finding Features

Since social media networks are meant to connect people, they are equipped with friend-finding features. For example, Facebook allows you to send friend requests to people you want to be friends with.

You also get suggestions for people you might want to connect with on Facebook. This can benefit your startup as you will create awareness of your products.

LinkedIn allows you to connect with old acquaintances and colleagues, enabling you to show them your startup. In return, you can end up registering higher sales.

3. Link your website with your social accounts

Provide links to your social media accounts on your startup website. You can add small social network icons on the top and bottom of your page. That way, the audience can visit your platforms and ask questions over direct messages (DMs).

4. Promote all your social accounts through crosslinking

If you already have many followers in your account, you need to redirect these followers to your other social accounts.

You can simply do it by asking your members to connect with you on other social accounts. For example, on Twitter, you can just send a tweet to your followers, and they can connect with you on Facebook or Instagram.

Tips to promote your startup on Twitter

1. Follow Up on Your Twitter Audience and Make An Engagement With Them

According to Twitter rules and regulations, you can follow up to five thousand individuals. Once you also get followed, this number can increase.

You can also start chatting with the people you follow, who may follow you back, allowing you to talk to them about your startup.

Moreover, you can find your target audience through a Twitter search. If you see your prospects’ tweets, you can reply to them, and they might end up following you if they like your tweets.

2. Take advantage of Twitter Advertising

Twitter offers advertising services for a small fee. If you have little money to spare, you could use Twitter’s advertising, and they can promote your account.

You can choose a target audience, and they will be encouraged to follow you. In that way, you will get a chance to show them your startup and direct them to try your products.

Tips to promote your startup on Facebook

Just like Twitter, there are strategies that you can use on Facebook to promote your startup. These are:

Get into Facebook Groups

Facebook has a lot of groups that have been formed by its users to share ideas and get to know each other better.

You could take advantage of that by getting into groups that might have your prospects. Eventually, you can present your product and show them how it can be beneficial.

You can create video content to promote your startup and a Facebook video editor can be very helpful for you to edit engaging videos. This way your target audience will understand your startup and what you do.

In that way, you will promote your startup, and in return, you might increase your sales.

Tips To Promote Your Startup On Instagram

If you can utilize various intricacies on this platform, you will be able to get a lot of followers. Use the tips below to promote your startup on this network.

1. Follow People On Instagram

Like Twitter, when you follow people on this platform, they will be notified that you are following them. They may end up following you back.

Most people like to use hashtags when posting on Instagram. In fact, you can find your target audience by searching for hashtags they are likely to use.

You can follow prospects and even comment on their photos and videos. Furthermore, you can ask them to try out your products as a suggestion.

2. Use Hashtags On Your Posts

Instagram users use hashtags to find what they want on the platform. Therefore, using hashtags on your posts will help your content rank first on the search results page.

If individuals are interested in what you offer, they will follow you, and you can introduce your startup products to them.


Promoting your startup on social media is not easy, but with the right strategy, you will be able to succeed. Creating a solid profile and landing pages on social media is the first step toward promoting your startup. It is better to cross-link your social networks if you have plenty of followers on one platform. In fact, social networks have advertising programs in which you can pay a fee, and they can promote your account.

Follow the tips mentioned above, and you can successfully promote your startup on social media.


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