How to deal with Migraines – A mini guide



Migraines are not typical headaches; they can be completely debilitating. The symptoms and side effects can completely disrupt a person’s daily routine. Sometimes they cause you to take days off work to rest and recuperate. Unfortunately, for people that suffer from migraines, they are not a one-off attack; instead, many people have recurring migraines throughout their lifetime. Often the cause is hard to determine, but many people know what might trigger them. For example, certain foods or lack of sleep might set one-off. Knowing this can be a great way to mitigate the potential of a debilitating headache. However, for those who do not know and those who suffer badly, there are certain things you can do to cope with the pain and side effects.

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Migraines with Aura

Migraines often occur at the worst possible time. People who suffer from aural migraines will be alerted to the onset of one by visual triggers. Your eyesight will be affected; you might notice floaters, zig-zag patterns, or partial blindness in one eye. This is usually a warning sign that a headache is about to occur. In this situation, the best thing to do is to get home and take painkillers quickly. Regular painkillers usually take the edge off, but other forms of medication can help with migraine relief. Sumatriptan, for example, is used to treat the symptoms of migraines, such as the head, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. You should take this medication as soon as you notice the first signs of a migraine, but it will also be effective at later stages. You can find Sumatriptan tablets at Chemist Click.

Dealing with the Side Effects

Numbness and nausea are two common side effects of migraines. It is important not to panic when you start feeling these sensations. For the numbness, lie down, take the pressure off your body, and remember it will pass. For nausea, make sure you have a cool towel ready and access to a restroom. Unfortunately, the pain of migraines can cause you to be very sick. It has been said that low serotonin levels that are linked to migraines are what cause nausea. Just know that this will pass as the migraine progresses and fades away. Drinking lots of liquids and staying hydrated is integral to a quick recovery from migraines, don’t forget to drink even though you might be in pain.

Rest Up

Finally, it is essential to remember that your body has been through a lot of trauma after a migraine attack, which means it is very common to feel fragile and in pain for a few days following. Your head might still feel very sore, and you probably will feel very weak. Take your time to recover, and do not push yourself. Sleep as much as possible. It is also sensible to lay off the coffee and other caffeinated drinks, which dehydrate you. Rest up and ask for time off work so that you can give your body the best chance to recover.

It is significant to heed the advice of your doctor in the first place.

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