How to Prepare a Perfect Family Buffet Feast

Even though there is still lots of pleasure to be had in dining out and celebrating a family party in your favorite restaurant, holding a fabulous buffet for the family at home provides a distinct sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


If you have chosen an English afternoon tea theme for your grandma’s 90th birthday, or a Mexican-style feast for your parents’ wedding anniversary, regardless of the event, you should most definitely continue reading for some top tips on how to prepare the perfect family buffet feast.

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Focus on Light Dishes

First and foremost, when planning the buffet, try and avoid cooking, baking, and preparing large and stodgier foods, and instead make a concerted effort to stick to light recipes.

You want your family to act like a herd of finely groomed cows and keep coming back for more on a grazing basis, rather than fill a large plate with a wide selection of foodstuffs and not want to eat again all evening.

Apply the One Fork Rule

If you were to talk to a professional events manager or chef who specializes in large buffets, they would say that the golden rule of buffet preparation is to only prepare food that can be eaten with one fork.

Ideally, your guests will be milling around, catching up on family gossip, and of course, congregating in the kitchen to discuss Uncle Robert’s inappropriate behavior, so the easier the plate is to navigate at a family buffet, the better.

Add a Little Surprise for the Table

For an added lovely surprise on the buffet table, you could also purchase a handful of delicious and crafted chocolate lollipops from Maple Gifts to adorn the corners of the table.

Your family members may want to dive in then and there or may choose to save the little gift on the buffet table to remind them of the family gathering of the century. Instead of chocolate, you could alternatively arrange non-Christmas crackers to be enjoyed, or even little scented candles or homemade soaps.

Let the Food Do the Talking

Often, when people are planning a family party, they automatically choose a particular theme for the décor and decorations, and although this is entirely suitable for a birthday party, you should instead let the food dictate the theme.

A cohesive theme can be created by choosing ingredients and completed plates that all stick to the same area of the world; for example, if you are planning an Indian curry buffet, then this is absolutely not the time to put a bowl of sausage rolls on the table.

Preparation is Key

Finally, as with the organization and moreover, the hosting, of any party, the sooner you begin writing down the types of food you want, the people you are looking to invite, and the date you want to hold the family buffet, the better.

Preparation is key and more specifically, the last thing you want to be doing is to be spending the majority of the evening in the kitchen cooking and serving—or you are never going to find out what Uncle Robert has been up to!

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