How to test for herpes? – All you should know



Herpes is a skin infection which is caused by the virus of herpes simplex. There are two common kinds of virus herpes simplex, which include HSV-1 + HSV-2. HSV-1 is oral herpes that causes cold sores around mouth areas. The HSV-2 virus is genital herpes which causes blisters and cold sores around the genital area.

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Herpes infection increases in society due to skin-to-skin contact with an infected person. However, both types of herpes simplex virus reoccur time and again in your life. A permanent cure for herpes simplex infection has not been found yet, but the severity of outbreaks can be lessened by following preventive and protective measures.

It is significant to get regular check-ups in the early stages. It helps you get instant medication and prevent the severity of an outbreak. However, certain types of tests allow doctors to know about herpes infection. To get more support and advice for herpes, you can find like-minded friends on platforms like

When do you need an HSV test?

The HSV tests are essential to find out the sore’s origin. Some other infections also cause cold sores around the mouth. However, it also helps to know about the infection in pregnant women rather than whether the newborn also gets the HSV infection.

CDC does not allow everyone to get the HSV tests. It is only for people with visible signs of HSV, like blisters and cold sores around the mouth and genital area. Moreover, if your partner has a herpes infection, you must get your HSV test. Check out for more information.

The HSV risk increases day by day in society due to certain factors. First, it is a sexually transmitted disease, and chances increases in peoples whose partner already have herpes positive diagnosis. Moreover, in some rare cases, HSV can also cause meningitis, a life-threatening infection of the spinal cord and brain. So if you have symptoms of a brain or spinal cord disorder like a stiff neck, severe headache, confusion, fever, and light sensitivity, you must get your herpes test immediately.

What happens during an HSV test?

Usually, HSV or herpes tests include a swab, blood test, and lumbar puncture. The type of test depends on your symptoms and previous health history. If you have any visible symptoms like cold sores around the mouth and genital area, visit your healthcare provider. They will prescribe the test you need for diagnosing the herpes infection.

  • In a swab test, the doctor uses a swab to collect the sample from cells and fluid from herpes sores.
  • The healthcare provider will get the blood sample from your arm vein using a small needle in a blood test. You may feel a slight sting when the doctor inserts the needles in or out. However, it takes only less than five minutes to get your blood tests.
  • A lumbar puncture test is also known as the spinal tap. Healthcare providers will only perform the lumbar puncture if you have an infection of the brain and spinal cord. First, the doctor will get the test sample by injecting an anaesthetic into your skin. Once you have a numb back, the doctor will insert the thin needle to get a small backbone sample.

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