If I Were To Die Tomorrow – An essay by Mustafa Khaliq

If I were to die tomorrow, I would take a pen, and a paper to ink some memories for my beloved one. The sole soulmate whom I have met long time ago, I want her to know that the day my soul was to leave my body, I died thanking and thinking about her and crying behind the smile I had every time you started a sweet tale about your life, I would silently listen, stare at your eyes, gave all my attention to your lips, pronouncing the letters as sweet as my mother’s lullaby she would to sing to prepare me for bed. I would let her know that I found the motherly love with her, I found the smell of my mother’s arms in her, I found the “I love yous” of yours comparably to my mom’s last goodbye when I left the house not knowing when I would be back home to my mom’s warm hug not knowing I would find a home. A beating heart and two eyes.


If I were to die tomorrow, I want to let her know that every joyful tear that dropped down of her hazelish eyes was worth more than the love of Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare. I caught her tears, before they fell on her sweet lips and her tears told me a thousand mysteries that she was hiding behind the hazelish eyes of her. As I die, I want her to know that the world was not ready for her angelic presence, her heart is made of pure love. I am jealous. I am jealous of the life she is about to experience, memories that she is going to forge, and sweet melodies of artists she will innocently listen and shake her head to the rhythm of the song, creeping into her mind, digging the old memories, love. Peace.

I have died. *Humph* (Deep Breath). I ask god as my last request to see your mallow face, filled with tears not because they are longing for me but for what I have become today. Today I became a man, my dad always wanted to raise. A death one. Never meeting his expectations. Your eyes would stare at my gravestone, muttering my name under your breath. Mustafa Ali. At least I have accomplished my dad’s sole wish. A death one. Isn’t lovely? Isn’t lovely now that I am six feet deep, isn’t lovely that I became one with the soil and the sand that you are going to walk on? Isn’t lovely that I am gone? What would you do if you were to die tomorrow?

Over to you!

These lines I have written from the depths of my heart. If you like it, share it with your friends and family and put your thoughts in the comments section below ?

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Mustafa Khaliq
Mustafa Khaliq

Mustafa Ali was born in 2001, in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is a peace activist and has experience working with Youth Thinkers' Society, World Peace, Afghan Peace volunteers, and Afghanistan Impassion organization in the past.

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