An Interview with Astha Jain – The Newfangled Girl

Hello Fellas! Allow us to present Astha Jain, also known by her alias “Newfangled Girl’, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Delhi. She is a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger since 2013 and generating engaging content about Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Food and much more. She also possesses exposure in the field of Digital Marketing and she also works as an independent consultant.


Q1. How did you start out as a fashion blogger? What interested you to choose fashion domain?

Life is too short and we have two options, to either enjoy your life in the hands of an entrepreneur or become an entrepreneur. I choose the second one!
I did my engineering in 2011 & started a full-time job in SEO – Digital Marketing but working for a 9-5 job was not my cup of tea! I always wanted to do something different. Thus, I started my blog in April 2013 as a part-time & since I am a Sagittarius and following their traits, I am always looking out to make my life lively and challenging. So, I left my job for making a career in blogging.

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Q2. What makes you different than other fashion bloggers out there?

Sharing generic content with my audience with a real fan following. Because my blog is a reflection of my thoughts and I always take inspiration from every single person I meet in life.

Q3. Please list down any products you personally use and would like to recommend to the audience.

Q4. What are you currently following in the fashion industry like brands, websites, news or magazines?

To stay up to date and keep myself zealous about fashion and trends I follow magazines including Cosmopolitan, Elle, & Harper’s Bazaar.

Q5. Who has been your role model in the fashion industry?

Kritika Khurana a.k.a ‘That Boho Girl‘ has always been an inspiration for me.

Q6. FThe fashion industry has been evolved briskly in the last decade. How do you think it will improve and get augmented in the near future?

Yes! Of course, because Fashion is the only thing which keeps on shaking every time.

7. Please share some tips to inspire our audience for staying updated about fashion and style.

The best tip to stay fashionable is to be in full confidence what you are wearing. Do not copy anyone but yes take inspiration from everyone. Do what you enjoy. Stay blessed & follow me on Social Media platforms for all fun & facts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Thank you!

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