An interview with Nishtha Gandhi – The Dramatic Diva

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Hello everyone! Today we take immense pleasure to introduce you to Nishtha Gandhi, a top ranking fashion blogger, and influencer from Delhi. Also addressed online by her byname ‘The Dramatic Diva’, zealous for Fashion, Beauty, Food, watching sit-coms and Writing. Her online presence is where she posts fashion related updates and product reviews. She has worked with many fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands including Daniel Wellington, Tissot, Omega, Wills Lifestyle, Gionee, Tropicana, VLCC, Himalaya and many more.

To create value for the readers, we poured down the most relevant questions from the fashion industry and her experience as a blogger. Her answers yield immense inspiration for the fanatics of the fashion industry as well as bloggers who are in pursuit of crafting a career out of blogging.

Q1. How did you start out as a fashion blogger? What interested you to choose this domain?

In 2014, I did not initially start as a blogger, the blogging industry at that time wasn’t even formed in India. I always loved writing and being in front of the camera. I only started off as an Instagram page where I loved putting up pictures. Over the years, as and when the blogging industry scaled, my passion started paying off.

I have different phases. Sometimes I am only posting about fashion and my personal style, sometimes I am doing promotional posts and sometimes I am completely on the creative and mental health side of my blog where I love motivating people into loving life.

Q2. What makes you different than other fashion bloggers out there?

I am more about personal style, personal goals, sharing personal experiences. Shooting according to the mood and the zone of my life and putting it out there. What makes me different from other Fashion Bloggers has to be my website. If you log on to it, you’ll know how I write about different kind of topics and not just fashion. It is intriguing and yet interesting at the same time.

Q3. Please list down any products you personally use and would like to recommend to the audience.

I am currently using the shampoo and conditioner by Sebastian Professionals and there’s been a huge improvement in my hair quality. They recently launched on Nykaa which is even better. For my skin, I have been using Colorbar argon oil at night for my scares and alternating between ponds 9 to 5 mousse foundation and Kiko Milano – Green Me BB cream for a daily use. I use LA pro girl as my party foundation.

Q4. What are you currently following in the fashion industry like brands, websites, news or magazines?

My major source of fashion information these days have obviously been fellow bloggers. The brands or the websites I am currently loving my own style definitely has got to be

Q5. Who has been your role model in the fashion industry?

Fashion Industry/Film Industry – has to be Blake Lively. There was a reason she was Serena Vanderwoodson. She is everything! I would kill to keep her wardrobe from Gossip Girl.

Q6. The fashion industry has been evolved briskly in the last decade. How do you think it will improve and get augmented in the near future?

The fashion industry has seen major changes in the past decade with tons of creative director changes, fashion bloggers dominating the fashion scene and social media revolutionizing the way that design houses and their consumers interact. I think it will be augmented in the future because the digital space is transforming every single day. With AI, bots and other related technologies coming in, the fashion industry is going to be completely transformed. People will only look up to social media channels, applications, YouTubers for fashion inspiration. Designer houses and brands will make blogging and influencer marketing a billion dollar industry as the attention span of the world is reducing by the second now.

Q7. Please share some tips to inspire our audience for staying updated about fashion and style.

The only tip I share and follow in my life personally is – It doesn’t matter if you can’t wear what others are wearing or you can’t follow trends, even if you are wearing your nightsuit and coming out but you are confident in your own skin, I guess your entire life is sorted fashionably. Pulling anything off with as much grace as a gown on the Cannes red carpet can do wonders for your confidence and people’s perception of you.

Q8. What are your views about the culture of today’s society?

With the coming of the internet, just a few years after we were born has led us to prevent nature from playing its course but we rather want to control everything. Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend has become a fad. We have lost the thin line between loneliness and solitude, so we often confuse both and when we are single and enjoying our solitude, we feel we are lonely and should be on the look-out for a partner. And well, thanks to the