Jensen Matthews PR adopts Blockchain Digital Asset Management to safeguard client private data

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Dubai, UAE-based global public relations and communications firm, Jensen Matthews PR, has recently announced the adoption of blockchain technology to implement digital asset management solutions to safeguard client private data, product development patents, media files, and confidential documents.

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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With blockchain applications growing fast as a viable digital adoption solution, it becomes the next big thing in technology for competitive businesses and as an organisation and leader in the industry, Jensen Matthews is ready to set the pace with the latest innovation within the space.

The blockchain digital asset manager will be implemented gradually starting July 2021 and is meant to create a network of the highest trust in client sensitive digital data management.

The cutting-edge PR blockchain solution will be implemented in partnership with a reputable Singaporean Firm. Jensen Matthews PR becomes one of the first Public Relations firms in the industry to adopt a rapidly developing technology to align to the future market demands, and data protection essentially for clients working in highly classified industries such as technology development, fintech, AI, healthtech, and cybersecurity.

According to Founder and Executive Director of Jensen Matthews PR, Loredana Matei,

“the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem is gradually disrupting the world’s technology and financial systems changing how payments, storage, cybersecurity and data privacy are done forever. The current decentralized financial dispensation is making transactions more secure, accessible and very transparent and we aim to replicate similar benefits in our industry. Traditionally known methods of data safeguarding are now evolving with having access to spectacular technological advancements; hence being a pacesetter within the global Public Relations and Communications space, Jensen Matthews is happy to spearhead this drive. Our clients are our priority and we make sure that we safeguard their private corporate and product data at all times.”

Jensen Matthews PR is on a mission to bring ethics back in communication, help enterprises achieve transparent and efficient communication and be the voice for change-makers.

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