Kitchens Centre, cloud kitchen startup raises funding from Village Global

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Delhi, India-based shared kitchen startup Kitchens Centre, on Thursday announced that the company has raised an undisclosed pre-Series A funding from US-based early-stage venture capital firm Village Global.

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Village Global is backed by renowned entrepreneurs including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt and Disney’s Bob Iger among others.

Founded in 2019 by Lakshay Jain, Kitchens Centre offers infrastructure and technology solutions for online food and FMCG brands. The startup started its operations with only two locations in Delhi a year ago and expanded to over 35 locations across 15 cities in India. Back in April, the company raised seed funding of $500K from AngelList India.

Kitchens Centre is planning to utilise the fresh capital to expand to 90 new locations and 550 units over the course of the next year. Currently, the startup claims to be managing 100,000 sq. ft space with 50 team members.

Speaking of the development, Lakshay Jain, founder, Kitchens Centre, in a statement said,

“Kitchens Centre is providing a dedicated and sustainable solution for businesses to grow and produce a high order volume and sales. With the obvious benefit being the reduction of cost, we also aim to create an incubated ecosystem with integrated tech solutions, supply chain, logistics support and platform aggregation. Moreover with the Covid-19 pandemic still very much prevalent, the food delivery business is prospering and gaining momentum in the food services industry,”

Erik Torenberg, Co-founder, Village Global, said,

“Kitchens Centre’s data-driven approach to property acquisition and sales management ensures maximisation of occupancy and unit economics. They consider various idiosyncratic factors such as cuisine share/gap, composition of user cohorts and associated AOV etc to target a specific location within a city. India is one of the largest and fastest-growing F&B consumption markets and Kitchens Centre is rightly placed to address a market gap,”

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