Lead Magnets & Squeeze Pages to Grow Email List with Social Media

Who doesn’t need data these days? No startup or business these days can sustain without data. After all, it is the catalyst that can be used to target potential customers or even telling people what a business has to offer. At the same time, data adds to your userbase, particularly email data.


There are several ways in which you can improve your email marketing with social media with increased traffic. If you are still not using social media to support your email list growth then you are missing quite a lot of benefits and will soon fall behind your competitors.

In this modern business era, email and social media marketing are no more two separate entities. In fact, these are integrated and will help you a lot if you do so. There are a few tips and strategies to follow to make the best use of social media to improve your email marketing strategies and results.

Vital things to have

To start with you will need two important tools to ideally grow your email list and make the best move. These two things will help you to utilize the potential of both email marketing and social media and these are:

  • A lead magnet and
  • A Squeeze page.

A lead magnet is a perk that you may offer to people in exchange of their email address. This park can be anything such as:

  • An e-book
  • A whitepaper
  • A report
  • An access to a tool
  • A template
  • A video
  • Any presentation or
  • A course.

If you see the Social Media Examiner you can see a lead magnet on the homepage in action.

You can also create your lead magnet for your customer and email subscriber. It must be relevant to the type of subscribers you want specifically for your email. For example, if you want CEOs to subscribe to your email list then you must create lead magnets of social media that is aimed towards the CEOs and not for the people who work for and with them.

You can also use more than one lead magnet in your content hub and may also create a resources section and a learning center. This will help the subscribers to find all your freebies.

When the lead magnet is downloaded it will automatically take the subscriber to the squeeze page which is the next important tool that you will need for your email marketing.

  • This squeeze page is actually a landing page that helps in converting the visitors into your email subscribers. This squeeze page should ideally include all the information about the lead magnet and should also have an opt-in form so that you can capture the information and email of your visitors.
  • Ideally, this squeeze page plays a very important role in making the leads qualify for your products or services. You may even include a couple of questions in it to find out more about the subscriber, the demographics, their needs and other information.

However, if your primary goal is to simply grow your email list then you should ad fewer questions to keep things simple, interesting and lead to more subscribers.

Ways to use social media optimally

If you want to enjoy the maximum benefits of social media and email marketing integration, one thing that you should surely do is to arm your latest lead magnet squeeze page with an URL.

There are a few other ways to make sure you make the best use of it. The first and perhaps the most important thing to do is to focus on the promotion options of social media.

1. Promoting business via Facebook

Facebook provides a lot of different options to promote your business such as:

  • Page short description where you share URLs in two places
  • Page custom tabs for adding specific functionality to a page
  • Call-to-action button to direct people to the squeeze page
  • Sign up text option and link to encourage people to click
  • Page cover photo to link to your squeeze page
  • Advertising to promote your lead magnet and to get the subscribers signed up to your email list and
  • Custom Audiences field to attract more unqualified email leads.

2. Business promotion via Twitter

Twitter promotion options are also equally varied and helpful and include:

  • Twitter Bio to promote lead magnet and leave the website field for main website URL
  • Lead generation card to collect email addresses directly
  • Advertising to promote lead generation card or tweets with links to the latest lead magnets and
  • Tailored audience to ensure only qualified subscribers to target your ad.

3. LinkedIn Promotion

It is hard to find a startup today that doesn’t leverage LinkedIn for promoting content. LinkedIn offers varied options for business promotion such as:

  • Publications and projects to add specific sections that will allow a direct link to the e-books and white papers or lead magnet squeeze pages
  • Guided profile editing option to edit your profile and to add more visibility of your Contact Info
  • Advertising option to target specific email subscribers and
  • Audience targeting option to get more ideal email subscribers on the list.

Other Social Media avenues

There are also a few additional opportunities on social media to promote your lead magnets to grow email list with social media. These include:

  • Pinning a great image of lead magnet
  • Linking the image to the lead magnet squeeze page
  • Sharing image of your Instagram profile and your lead magnet
  • Changing the link in your Instagram profile from time to time to make the squeeze page more responsive as most people are logged into on their mobile device
  • Creating videos to tell your fans about the latest lead magnet and how to download
  • Making sure that the URL is short and easy to say and understand.
  • Making sharing easy if you want to make the best of your promotion tactics and get more viewers to your squeeze page and
  • Pre-populating with custom text and URL to ensure that the right page is shared.

To sum it all together, there are a large number of ways in which you can use social media to benefit your email marketing campaigns. You should use split test email subject lines and the buffer metrics for the best headline. To get more traction to your email campaigns you must also make sure that you use the same images for your email campaign and social ads.

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Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith

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