List of the best foodstuffs for funfairs

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Funfairs are events where people can let their hair down and enjoy the various attractions. These events are a way for communities to come closer together and be quite profitable for the organisers. Moreover, successful funfairs create great memories that people will remember for a long time.

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People come to the fairgrounds because of several things. Primary of them is the thrilling rides and other game attractions that test people’s skill and luck. However, if you’re thinking of putting up a fantastic funfair, you must find ways to provide fairgoers with an abundance of shops to cater to various needs. You must work with a reputable fairground stall hire company for their different booths that you may also customise to suit your needs.

Among the essential additions to a fairground are food stalls. It’s a given that people will need nourishment after indulging themselves on a few rides. Walking around, taking everything can also be tiring, and people need to eat to satisfy their hunger. People will also look for something different when they go to fairgrounds because they expect nothing less than the best from the organisers.

Here are some of the best foodstuffs you can offer customers for your fairs.

Snow cones

Also known as shaved ice, it will be a surefire hit with your fairgoers, especially if you schedule your event in summer or spring. Nothing beats cooling down after walking up and down the fair boulevard than a cone of flavoured ice. Offer your clients a variety of flavours and be ready for long queues.


Hotdogs dipped in special batter and fried to golden perfection will always be a fairground staple. You can elevate the simple corndog by offering to wrap the sausage in bacon or slather it up with condiments or partner it up with fries or other sides for a filling meal. Whatever you offer, it’s sure to bring in customers wanting to grab a bite of nostalgia.

Donuts and confectioneries 

If you’re looking for another surefire hit, look no further than offering your fairgoers doughnuts, doughnut holes and other sweet confectionaries. But, again, offer a variety of options and give the customers the chance to slather them in coconut shavings, chocolate or strawberry syrup or confectioner’s sugar. You’ll have a long line waiting to taste such delicacies.

Tacos and soft shells 

Why not go international with tacos, quesadillas, spring rolls, and similar cuisines? Fairgoers will love exploring other countries’ food, and if you offer them these foodstuffs, you better brace for a rush as long as your stalls make them fresh every time.

Grilled or rotisserie food 

People will love to make a meal out of fairground food offerings, so why not indulge them and offer grilled or rotisserie food? Offer a selection of pork, lamb, beef, chicken, or fish and couple them with the necessary sides, and fairgoers will have great options to savour their meals.


Funfairs aren’t only about the rides and attractions; they’re also about the food. You can make your fair highly memorable by offering your fairgoers a variety of food that they’ll surely enjoy.


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