Ma’an launches its first digital funding platform to expedite sustainable solutions

Featured image: H.E. Salama Al Ameem, Director General of Ma’an; Credits: The National


Ma’an, a Ghadan21 accelerator programme initiative, on Tuesday, 29 September announced that it has launched its first digital funding platform, Ma’an Contribution Platform, under its Social Investment Fund. The new platform aims to raise capital from Abu Dhabi’s community to facilitate sustainable solutions in priority areas such as health, employment and education, family and community, basic human needs and environment.

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Through the new platform, Ma’an plans to allocate contributions through relevant partners, with priority given to community-oriented programmes. It fills an essential gap between government entities and the private sector to bring the ability, experience and expertise to directly address key social challenges and priorities.

The platform is considered a key tool to drive contributions to Ma’an’s Social Investment Fund, it empowers Abu Dhabi’s third sector of social service groups, non-profit organisations, volunteer groups and social enterprises by creating a constant source of funding for them, and enables businesses and individuals to select and directly fund strategic projects and programmes of their choice.

The platform follows the Social Investment Fund’s first programme’s model, “Together We Are Good,” which inspired Abu Dhabi residents and private companies to contribute more than Dh1 billion towards educational assistance, medical supplies and food and basic needs.

Speaking on the launch, H.E. Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, said,

“Through this new Social Investment Fund [initiative], we are providing a long-term foundation for us all to work together to bring the vision of our leaders to life to ensure everyone in Abu Dhabi can participate in and enjoy a healthy, sustainable and prosperous society.”

Fahad Al Ahbabi, Executive Director, Social Investment Fund at Ma’an, said,

“We are capitalising on the technological solutions, ease of access to such platforms and the generosity of Abu Dhabi citizens and residents, which we have felt in the previous programmes launched by Ma’an. Today this platform will be at the disposal of the community to give more and be part of an integrated ecosystem that will help overcome societal challenges that the emirate might face.”

The Social Investment Fund campaign clearly identified through four touchpoints: raising funds, managing contributions, deploying capital in social projects and measuring the impact.

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