Meddy Launches its New Telemedicine Product

Meddy Launches its New Telemedicine Product
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▸ A new user-friendly, all-device compatible video consultation service for patients to connect with doctors

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, patients have been reluctant to visit hospitals and in-person consultations have nearly become impossible. To mitigate the risk of spreading this deadly disease further, Meddy has introduced a telemedicine solution where patients suffering from any sort of affliction can virtually carry out their appointments over video calls and get consultations from the comfort of their homes. Doctors, on the other hand, can also stay up to date with the conditions of their current patients and find potential cases to solve with absolute ease.

The authorities shut down the clinics in late March amidst the global impact of COVID-19. In April, Meddy launched a full-fledged SAAS tool within two weeks of the lockdown. This high-tech tool helps healthcare providers digitize their services so they can continue providing care to the patients. The HIPAA compliant platform is fully equipped to turn clinics of every scale virtual with features such as easy booking, high-quality video calls, and seamless online payments.

After anticipating the imprecisions of the virus, in May, Meddy further contributed to the healthcare industry by enabling clinics to attract new patients and retain the current ones through patient-initiated bookings.

Dr. Rabab Zaidi, Medical Director, Pearls PolyClinic, speaking of healthcare and Meddy’s avenue in a statement said,

“In the recent months, healthcare facilities who embraced innovation were demarcated from the ones who refused to evolve with the times. With Meddy’s help, our clinic was able to adapt and serve its patient’s needs through their efficient and reliable telehealth features. Despite the COVID-19 situation, our patients were able to receive treatment.”

Key benefits of Meddy’s Video Call Platform include:

1. Wide range of telemedicine options

Over 200 doctors from 15+ specializations who speak 12 different languages are available for video-visits in Qatar and the UAE and more are being added every day. This allows the patients to have the widest range of telemedicine options to choose from, based on their specific needs.

2. HIPAA compliant

The tool is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant as well as abides by local regulations.

3. Usability

The quick booking service connects patients with doctors within seconds over crystal-clear audio and high-definition video, so the evaluation, diagnosis, and prescription can take place promptly. No pre-installation of any software is needed to use the tool. The patients can simply book a video-visit through Meddy by making an online payment. Both the doctor and the patient are sent an SMS link 10 minutes before the appointment. The doctor initiates the call and the patient joins. After the consultation ends, the patient has the option to rate the call and the provider. It’s that simple!

4. Discounts

Meddy offers various promo codes and discounts for tele-appointments to make healthcare more accessible to everyone. During these chaotic times when people are experiencing salary cuts, job layoffs, and getting financially strained, we want them to be able to look after their health with affordable consultations and treatments.

5. Security

Telemedicine by Meddy is built with the utmost efficiency to uphold patient confidentiality and provide top-notch security to both the doctors and the patients. The audio and video calls are fully encrypted. The call is built on a P2P (peer to peer) connection and is not routed through any server or third party.

Talking about the development, Haris Aghadi, Founder & CEO of Meddy said,

“The aim of our product is to let doctors remotely diagnose, evaluate and treat their patients in a simple, and secure manner. Similarly, for the patients, the tool acts as a virtual bridge between them and their doctors. It allows them to receive top-notch care from the comfort of their homes.”

How does Telemedicine by Meddy work?

The entire process, from scheduling an appointment to attending it, is very easy. The patient has to visit, choose a doctor that offers teleconsultation, upload his ID and insurance, and make a secure online payment. Both the patient and the doctor receive an SMS link to the call ten minutes prior to the virtual consultation.

Dana Habayeb, Head of Business Development & Marketing at Rayhan Medical Complex, said,

“The medical industry has been propelled into the use of telehealth due to current circumstances, however, the shift is long overdue. Meddy has developed a sophisticated telehealth platform that has allowed Rayhan Medical Complex to meet the high demand for accessible quality care during these complicated times”,

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