Nature attracts consumers: 3 reasons for merchandisers to use live plants



The goal of any business is to attract the attention of as many consumers as possible. While there are a lot of effective ways, have you ever thought that live plants can influence product visibility?

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You can either install several plants near the selling goods or even set store point fresh that contains a lot of different plants. Let’s consider in detail why businesses make a decision to make use of plants.

Advantages of Live Plants

It is undoubted that live plants bring a lot of benefits. They are able to improve people’s moods, assist to avoid stress and make a feel that you are not lonely.

The list of live plants’ pluses is endless. Even when you pass near garden centre retail, your attention will surely be grabbed by a number of beautiful plants. You probably even can enter a store to purchase a new plant for your home.

But what if some interesting plants are unknown to you? This is where the indoor house plant identifier will be useful for you. With the assistance of a Lily plant identification application, even a newcomer in the green world can define certain plants.

It is understandable that plants are useful for ordinary people. But what are the reasons for their utility for merchandisers?

Why are Plants Beneficial for Merchandisers?

Nowadays, since a lot of stores have started to sell goods online, it has become simpler for s customers to purchase the necessary products via iPhone or other devices. With a single app, a client can order many goods without the need to go to stores.

On the other side, those stores that continue to sell goods offline face difficulties. They should make more efforts to grab the attention of customers. It does not matter what you sell: food, auto parts, clothes, etc., there is a necessity to answer the following questions:

  • Does your assortment grab customers’ attention?
  • Do you display goods properly in order to drive the consideration of clients?
  • Does the equipment of your store correspond to the needs of modern buyers?

If at least one of these questions is to be responded to with a negative answer, you are at risk of losing a large group of clients. Luckily, applying plant nursery display ideas near the selling goods can assist you to avoid sales drops and on the contrary, raise the number of customers’ concernment.

Plants as a Method to Relief Depression

Today, the world faces so many challenges so it becomes obvious that a lot of people will start suffering from depression. The Rutgers University of New Jersey became interested in discovering methods to decrease the everyday anxieties of the population. Rutgers University carried out behavioural research that discovered an easy way to raise the mood of people. As you may guess these are live plants.

According to the conclusion of the research, plants can ease depression and promote social interaction. When a buyer will be near your store point fresh that includes live plants, this customer will feel himself/herself better and, as a result, will more likely purchase your goods.

Improve Mood of Customers with Plants

If we refer to the results of research at Rutgers University, we will see that 81 per cent of the participants informed that their moods were improved after getting interesting plants. At the same time, 40 per cent of the participants increased their social interactions with relatives and acquaintances. Just imagine you appear in one of the following situations:

  • you had a bad day at work;
  • you lost your iPhone or other devices;
  • you quarrelled with your best friend, etc.

There is no doubt that your mood will be spoiled. But as soon as you pass by garden centre retail, the beauty of live plants for sale will improve your spirits instantly. This is what the research of Rutgers University concludes. Even a small presence of nature can influence moods greatly in a positive way. Thus, setting live plants should be a priority in your store.

Be More Appealing with Plants

The third and obvious reason for merchandisers to make use of live plants is that their stores will become more enticing for customers. Using an app or website where botanic specialists are, you can ask for advice and learn what plants and flowers are more appealing to incorporate into your store environment.

There are several tricks that can assist you to breathe life into your store. First, it is recommended to install live plants or flowers at the front door. Also, you can extend your trading area outside to your front porch. Modular displays with beautiful and attractive plants are the best method to engage clients in your store.

One of the plant nursery display ideas is to create a display with a single topic. These can be colours of plants that complement one another or a display that contains edible plants.


There are many factors that influence product visibility. Regardless of the type of goods you sell, your goal is to impact customers’ moods and drive them to visit your store.

Although bright sign boards are effective, live plants will more likely grab clients’ attention. Thus, if you intend to stand out from competitors and raise your sales, install plants and flowers in your store environment.

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