How you should Organize Yourself for Success

It’s just the last minute and you are still not done, the option remaining is go, rush and wreck! How many of you face such issues and complaints about it?


Well being honest I did! My life was a complete mess, a huge mess indeed. I was never on time, I failed to meet the deadlines, I missed my targets repeatedly and was drowning my personality deep down somewhere into the dark. Then somehow, I managed to identify my general problem area, later I realized that no one, but only I can fix the matter.

So, I unwrapped my personality and got the clue that nothing but organizing is my answer!

Benefits of organizing yourself

When you organize yourself, then you enjoy every task? After reading out this piece you will definitely cheer up and say this to everyone ‘organizing is succeeding’.

1. Saves your time

The foremost benefit of organizing is that, you save a couple of hours. Every time you don’t need to start up from fixing the mess. You simply jump to a better start if the things are organized. This gives you more time to focus on your core task.

2. Shifts your burden

Finding a shoe for a meeting while selecting which one to wear for an interview? Sounds a creep! Every time keeping the thing right and organized helps you find it easily. The first useless task of finding is eliminated from your to do list.

3. Grooms up your personality

Everyone likes a person who is competitive, people admire those who are always ready. If you are organized, definitely you can accept the challenges easily. It will help you in exploring new areas of development.

4. Relaxes your mind

When you are organized, your mind feels meditated. It makes you feel like being into a broader space having multiple opportunities and lightened ways. You naturally feel less stressed and accomplished.

How can you organize yourself easily?

Now once you have been convinced that organizing is the best way to succeed, you might also be needing the guideline to organize yourself. Well speaking with truth, it’s not a big deal. In fact, it is fun. Let’s go through some tips that can help you in organizing yourself easily.

Step-1: Divide and rule

First and the most effective trick is, divide your tasks into small sets, this will motivate you to achieve them. Moreover, it will be easily attainable in less time. You can manage it easily and the outcome will be efficient.

Step-2: Make notes

Notes help you set your priorities. Anything that goes through your hand leaves an impression on your mind. It helps you prioritize your stuff and work according to those preset values.

Step-3: Add reminders

Often when you decide to get yourself fixed that skips from your mind. This could be because of the level of stress or poor retention power. Here reminders can help you in getting your stuff done on time. It will help you in remembering the things easily

Step-4: Challenge yourself

Play with yourself, make two teams, you and your brain. Challenge each other. Assign the task and play beat the clock. Let’s see who wins. Try to complete the task before the time runs out. This will make you feel energetic and you will enjoy doing your work.

Summing up…

People usually mess up their work because of the gaps in organizing. This could be out of the stress level or severe depression. Organizing yourself is the best solution to depression. And when we talk about depression, you can read another piece of mine that talks about how to get out of depression here.

If you have more suggestions or have any queries, please feel free to share those in the comments section below ⬇︎

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Sajjad Hussain
Sajjad Hussain

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  1. Hi Sajjad, nice topic. I was recently researching Eisenhower matrix for time management, quite a useful tool. It can be aid this planning process quite well and help achieve desired productivity.

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