Padmaavat – The Aspects Less Talked About

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The fact that Rani Padmini was first mentioned in a sixteenth-century poem is now known to most people who’ve closely followed the controversy. It was only after two hundred years from her supposed self-sacrifice that historians, writers, and artists started to mention ‘Rani Padmini’ in their work. It is not surprising, that some people view the well-known story and the present chaos and disorder in India with skepticism and disgust. While we busied ourselves in condemning the Karni Sena members during the recent violent protests, the critical aspects of this particular series of events went unnoticed by most journalists and common people alike.

Security outside Padmavat Theater Laffaz Media

The Many Lies of the Government

What is the role of the Government in all of this? It’s simple. One of the responsibilities of the government is to maintain peace and harmony in the country. It has military and paramilitary forces at its disposal to handle issues that exceed the power and jurisdiction of the Police.

The government itself takes pride in its abilities to take out physical threats and rewards the soldiers who can make bold decisions at critical moments. Major Gogoi was recently hailed as a Hero for tying a civilian to his Jeep. In Kashmir and parts of Northeast India, thousands of innocent civilians have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed by army forces in a quest to find the real terrorists. But interestingly, the authorities were slow to react when the supporters of Ram Rahim destroyed Panchkula and terrorized a part of the country.

It didn’t do anything during the Jat Reservation Violence where inhuman things were done. And now it has been slow in dealing with the terrorists who didn’t even hesitate to attack a school bus in order to prove their disapproval of a movie based on a legend. The point is, the government seems to have different definitions of Law and Order for different parts of the country.

Padmavati Panchkula Violence-Laffaz-Media-HT
Panchkula Violence, source: HT Media

Jat Agitation Haryana-Laffaz Media
Source: PTI

A few things are palpable in the long history of biased treatment of protestors in India,

1. North Indian Male Hindu terrorists more likely to get away with murder, rape, and vandalism done in the name of protest than Muslims or Northeasters. In fact, Hindu terrorists aren’t even referred to as Terrorists.

2. If the protestors make up a bulk of the voting population in a particular region, the elected government hesitates to take strong measures regardless of their religion or ethnicity. Vote bank politics, as it is commonly known, goes much beyond mere leniency and gives rise to appeasement, and furthers corruption.

3. None of the top leaders of the ruling party has openly condemned the violence. If this makes one doubt the allegiance of the rulers, they can hardly be blamed. Are not the top leaders giving the terrorist protection by keeping mum?

Stop Pretending It’s Abou