Enhancing your physical therapy practice with Medicare guidelines

One of the most important changes that our society has experienced throughout the 21st century has been the growth of the healthcare sector. Healthcare has become significantly more advanced throughout the past decade, and in 2021, it is more advanced than ever before. As healthcare has become more important, one of the most imperative changes throughout the field has been the growth of new subfields, like physical therapy. Physical therapy is widely utilized because of its excellent ability to care for patients without being as consuming as surgery. Running a PT practice has become more difficult in recent years due to increased competition, and learning how to effectively operate your practice is imperative.


There is a multitude of billing processes that your company has to deal with when operating on various practices, and those from Medicare are of the utmost importance. There are multiple Medicare physical therapy guidelines that your company needs to follow, and learning about them for your practice is imperative for your success. There are numerous rules and regulations that your company will need to follow, and learning about the most important of these is essential for your continued growth.

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Learning about the Requirements for Medicare

Medicare’s billing process can be extremely challenging to navigate, especially for physical therapy practitioners. Practices need to learn how to effectively navigate a variety of elements, and progress notes are some of the most important facets. The first step in ensuring that you fill out your progress notes correctly is ensuring that all services are considered medically necessary. There are a variety of ways that Medicare determines if care is considered medically necessary, and they are broken down into two categories. The first category is whether rehabilitation is helping to improve patient quality of life and the second is whether you are improving maintaining the patient’s quality. Either way, it is imperative to ensure that you fit this determination of medical necessity.

Facets of Progress Reports

While the first step of ensuring medical necessity is the most important facet of filling out your Medicare progress notes, you will also need to ensure that you report other facets as well. First, you have to ensure that you fill out progress notes for every 10 visits to ensure that you do not get any penalty fees from Medicare. This is extremely important and will also ensure that you are still allowed to see Medicare patients. Second, you need to look at objective measurements that quantify any progress you are making with your patients. Next, you have to note any changes in goals or any improvement towards goals. Finally, it is critical that you display practitioners’ signatures as well as dates of all services. When filling out Medicare progress reports, it is imperative that you input all of the correct information.

Final Thoughts

When building up your practice with Medicare patients, it is important to ensure you have a successful implementation. Learning how to do this for your practice is critical to retaining and growing your Medicare patients.


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