Powerful and Affordable: Top Sports Bikes Under 1 Lakh

The thrill of embarking on a day-long journey while riding a sports bike is truly exceptional. It is an endlessly enjoyable activity. It can turn even an ordinary trip into an adventure. A bike enthusiast understands there are different categories of bikes available in the market, each with a different purpose. One such category that makes the enthusiasts much more passionate is sports bikes.


As a sports bike fan, you must have considered purchasing a powerful bike. However, the expensive cost keeps you from buying a brand-new sports bike. So, to help you out, here we have the best pick for sports bikes under 1 lakh. This sports bike is popular, dependable, and equipped with all the advanced features. Read ahead to know more.

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Best Sports Bike Under 1 Lakh

Source: Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Pulsar 125

Bajaj Pulsar 125, priced under 1 lakh, is one of the best sports bikes in the market. Equipped with all the latest features, the best sports bike under 1 lakh is available in two variants: Carbon Fibre (Single Seat and Split Seat) and Neon Single Seat. The bike design is extremely sporty and vibrant, making it more attractive.

For anyone searching for a dependable, high-performance sports bike, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 is a great option. The bike has a robust 124.4cc engine that reaches a maximum power of 8.68 kW (11.8 PS) at 8500 rpm. Apart from this, the bike produces a maximum torque of 10.8 Nm at 6500 rpm.

Suspension, Brakes and Stability

When it comes to suspension technology, the Bajaj Pulsar 125 has a telescopic suspension in the front, while the rear end has twin gas shock. This technology allows the bike to absorb even the most powerful jerk with ease, keeping the rider and pillion rider safe throughout.

Additionally, the bike has 240 mm Dia. Disc brakes in the front and 130 mm Dia. Drum brakes in the rear. The anti-skid braking keeps the bike stable on any surface and gives rider the complete control of the bike.

Stability control is a feature on the Bajaj Pulsar 125 that aids riders in braking and accelerating while traveling over straight parts of the road or through bends. The 5-step Nitrox rear and telescopic front suspensions provide excellent handling and stability. The rider and the passenger will feel more comfortable because of its curved seats. The 1320 mm wheelbase and the tubeless tires give additional stability to the bike. The only new aspect of riding is the increased peace of mind with added safety. Riding on this bike is dynamic and entertaining.

Colour Variants

The Pulsar 125’s Carbon Fibre variant is available in two colors for single and split seats. Red and blue are the two-color options while three color options are available for the Pulsar 125 Neon Single Seat: Black Solar Red, Black Silver, and Pewter Grey.

Online Booking Process

Purchasing a sports bike online has become exceedingly easy and readily available to individuals. You can now buy your sports bike under 1 Lakh from the Bajaj Auto showroom. You can easily get in touch with the dealership by following the below-mentioned process.

  1. Visit the Bajaj Auto official website at https://www.bajajauto.com
  2. Visit the Bajaj Pulsar 125 page on the website
  3. Click on the Enquire now option on the top right
  4. Fill in all your details such as name, number, and location, and then select the nearest dealer
  5. Review the details and submit the information

You can also book a test ride online by visiting the official website and visit the virtual showroom as well. Remember to take a test ride to understand whether you will be able to able to manage the bike easily, especially if you are a beginner.

Make the Bajaj Sports Bike Under 1 Lakh Yours!

The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is worth considering if you are looking for the best sports bike under 1 lakh. The blend of performance, advanced features, and attractive style make it a perfect option. The bike engine delivers smooth and responsive power, while it is sleek design and comfortable seating position gives a thrilling experience every time you take it out for a ride. Backed by Bajaj Auto, one of the best bike manufacturers in India, the Pulsar 125 has proved its mettle in the market since its launch. All you have to do is visit Bajaj Auto’s dealership near you to bring your new bike under 1 lakh home! If you are facing difficulty in finding your nearest dealership, you can visit the official website and search for the dealership in your area. You can also use the map to reach the authorized dealership easily. So, what are you waiting for? Go and bring your best sports bike under 1 lakh home today!

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