5 Problems in India which must be Eliminated

Patriotism, while a valiant and a noble attitude, has become a tricky and a murky topic in the last few years in our country. From debates about what qualifies as anti-nationalistic activities to the government making it mandatory for the national anthem to be played in theatres before movies, we have widely discussed patriotism. But, as patriotic as we may be, no one can deny that there are some things that need to be improved in our beloved country. India has, since time immemorial, been a glorious country. But, in recent times, it has been a bit difficult to live in. Moreover, while our focus should be improving the quality of living of our current citizens, we should also focus on making India a country that is welcoming to foreign people who wish to live or invest in our country.


1. Quality of Education

India is one of the countries that has the maximum number of youths ( people in the age bracket of 18 – 35 or so ). It is safe to say that India is country of great potential, but sadly this is going untapped and one of the prime reasons behind this wastage of bright minds is a substandard quality of education. Those who are well off are privy to a brilliant education, but unfortunately the middle-class and the poor do not get access to good quality education or sometimes, even education itself. Β This is a sad situation and we really need to up the ante because it will make our youth more employable and propel our economy. Apart from this, the rural education can entirely change the face of India by terminating poverty, child labour and many other related problems.

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There is simply no explanation that can be given to justify the horrible state of women in our country. Our mentality is further taking us down in the dumps. The society needs to realize that it cannot get away with oppressing women for so long. Irrespective of what a person is wearing, what time they are out at, whom they are out with, it is requisite that they are safe from physical or sexual violence. Along with astringency in-laws and ensuring the same are followed, a shift in perspective is the call of the hour.


This comes in the wake of the protests over Padmaavat. Art should belong to no one except the artist. No one should have the authority to protest the release of a film. Freedom of Speech and Expression are the rights of every citizen in this country and it is unfair to fulminate over a movie. We should give some credit to our public, our masses. They are intelligent enough to know what they want to watch. Also, banning or protesting the release of a movie, a book or any art form does not make much sense since sooner or later it will surely make its way into the hands of the people who want to watch it through Internet.

4. Prospects for Tourism, Sports

India is a country that is full of heritage. Every corner, every crevice is filled is with a story that holds so much past. And, so much promise. This is the promise of heritage that we should maintain and utilize. We have world heritage sites, we have monuments worthy of being one of the seven wonders of the world. Maintaining our heritage sites will not only preserve the country’s rich history, it will also promise great revenue.

The same thing goes for sports too. Every year we churn out so many great athletes, bright young people with a great deal of talent and determination who deserve to compete in world-class events and win laurels for themselves and the country. It is imperative that we begin to focus on providing better treatment and training to our sportspeople and encourage and respect them and propel them to do better and touch the sky.

5. The difficulty of starting and doing a business

First of all, it is really difficult to start a business in India. For a long period and till last year, India was ranked 130 out of 190 countries in World Bank’s Do Business Report. But as per the latest report of 2018, India is on the 100th position. Still, it is not a good number considering India a big and diversified economy. Plus, the cost of starting a business in India is also petrifying. Another major problem is the absence of a standard procedure to register and start a business in India. There are total 12 procedures which require applications and request to multiple government organizations. Moreover, the tax system and other complexities like construction permits, property registration, cross-border trading issues, cultural gaps make it really challenging

To Sum Up

So that was my list of the problems in India. I could have added more but I certainly find these as the major ones. If we could bring the required amendments and improvisation that India would surely be a better place to live.

Let me know what you think about this and what other changes could be made to improve ourselves and our country.

Jehlum Pandit
Jehlum Pandit

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