Top 5 important things to do before starting a process of cremation

If you know you’re about to permanently bid farewell to your loved one in the next few days, here are some of the important things to do before starting the process of cremation.


1. Deciding the Guest List

With the current pandemic on the rise, you need to be extra careful while inviting relatives and distant family members to attend the funeral. Gone are the days when funeral homes used to get packed with grieving members, as the number of COVID-19 patients has been on the rise everywhere. Thus, before starting the cremation, it is essential to list all possible members’ names and then choose only a handful of them. It is better to go with extremely close ones in such times, rather than calling anyone and everyone.

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Make sure to check if the deceased had also attached a guest list in their will prior to their death.

2. Choosing the best funeral home for pre-cremation preparations

Meanwhile, as the invited relatives reach the cremation place, the next step includes choosing a good funeral home. While there are many centres for cremation in Dallas Tx, choose one that is transparent and highly respectable to the deceased, such as. During this process, the deceased is given their last bath and are covered in new clothes. It is followed by a little touch-up to the body to make them seem as if they are having a nice sleep.

Family members may also submit written applications to have any personal possessions, such as jewellery, removed before the cremation process. Similarly, the undertaker also needs to intimate cremation officials regarding any medical devices, prosthetics, or implanted devices beforehand to ensure the safety of the crematory operator.

3. Safeguarding their personal identity during cremation

To safeguard the deceased’s identity before they are taken into the cremation chambers, it is also essential to apply for personal identity tags. Available in many varieties, you can choose from medallion identification systems, digital photo identifications, etc. This helps keep their identity intact even after they have been through the retort and prevent misunderstandings. However, identity tagging services may differ according to houses for funeral homes. Thus, consulting with them is highly advised.

4. Bidding the last goodbye

Once done with all the above-mentioned steps, the last goodbye is arranged. This is where all extended family members and friends are allowed to visit the departed one final time before they are moved to the cremation chamber for their last rites. The deceased is laid in either a closed casket or partially open one, as requested by the family members or mentioned in the deceased’s will. Generally, the process lasts a couple of hours before they are moved to the cremation chamber, which is off-limits to anyone other than the cremation professionals.

5. Processing Final Records

Finally, the undertaker needs to take care of all loose ends, including medical bills, estate transfers as mentioned in the will, applying for the death certificate, etc. Moreover, depending upon the location and nature of death, certain specific guidelines may also be necessary to be followed. However, to avoid disputes and misunderstandings, all of this must only be done through proper channels.


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