Project DYNAMO teams up with Liam Neeson, to be the voiceover artist for the nonprofit’s new PSA

Liam Neeson has teamed up with Project DYNAMO for the nonprofit’s first public service announcement, which was released Monday and aims to bring awareness to Project DYNAMO’s heroic work around the world, rescuing Americans and other vulnerable people from war-torn areas, unlawful detention, hostage situations, and natural disasters.


Project DYNAMO is a veteran-led, international, search, rescue, aid, and assistance 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Tampa, Florida with worldwide operations. The organization is entirely donor-funded and has active operations in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, and other hot spots around the world. Project DYNAMO has rescued more Americans from hostile zones that are denied areas than any other organization in the world, conducting full-spectrum rescue operations by sea, air, and land.

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Neeson has achieved worldwide fame and starred in over 100 films, including “Schindler’s List,” “Michael Collins,” and the blockbuster “Taken” trilogy.

Project DYNAMO comprises former military and intelligence officers hailing from the murky world of special operations. The team risks their lives, actually conducting international rescue operations, recovering hostages, unlawfully detained civilians, natural disaster survivors, and others in locations where the U.S. government does not have an effective presence.

To help raise awareness, Neeson generously lent his trademark voice for Project DYNAMO’s first PSA, titled “THE GREY SPACE,” which can be viewed on the project DYNAMO website.

Project DYNAMO operates in what it calls “The Grey Space,” meaning places and situations where the U.S. government does not or will not operate for various reasons. The group has been working in Afghanistan since American troops were withdrawn, rescuing hundreds of Americans who were stranded in the country, which was quickly overtaken by the Taliban. Their most recent operation from Afghanistan, rescuing seven Americans left behind, was in January 2023 codenamed: SLINGSHOT 11.

Because the U.S. government chooses not to operate in Ukraine for geopolitical reasons, Project DYNAMO has rescued thousands of people, Americans, allies, and Ukrainians alike, from areas of Ukraine that have been invaded and occupied by Russia.

The nonprofit organization was also one of the first entities to conduct maritime search-and-rescue operations in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

“THE GREY SPACE” is the first in a series of three PSA’s, showcasing Project DYNAMO’s work.

“I admire this organization because they can cut through all the red tape and political BS to rescue and save people globally,” said Neeson. “I’m proud to lend my voice to help amplify such a wonderful and dedicated group of individuals.”

The PSA video was created by award-winning producer and director William Goins. Goins is the president of GoShow Entertainment, which creates commercials, independent films, PSAs, documentaries, music videos, and animations. From April to May of last year, Goins personally embedded with Project DYNAMO and Bryan Stern for two months in southern Ukraine near the occupied cities of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia, documenting the rescue of Americans Kirillo Alexandrov (DETROIT LIONS) and John Spor (LONE STAR).

Project DYNAMO’s Founder, Bryan Stern, is grateful to Neeson and Goins for their collaboration on the Grey Space PSA.

“To have a legendary actor like Liam Neeson step up and publicly support us with his unbelievable talent is truly incredible,” said Stern. “It shows his true character. Liam, who is from Northern Ireland, understands all too well how innocent civilians can endure suffering at the hands of politics and war. His support shows that he cares for people who are stranded in the clutches of the Taliban and the Russians, and I can’t thank him enough for his support. Liam has played some of the most inspirational roles in films emblematic of freedom from oppression and fighting for good, from Michael Collins, to Colonel Hannibal in the A-Team, to Oskar Schindler, to the ‘Taken’ series. The partnership between Liam and Project DYNAMO is super exciting and ‘The Grey Space’ video looks and sounds awesome.”

“Bill Goins is a longtime friend and supporter of Project DYNAMO and a fellow 9/11 first responder,” said Stern. “His filmmaking skills and creativity are simply amazing. Bill is a true renaissance man and artist. Bill was with me through the Kirillo Alexandrov (DETROIT LIONS) operation in southern Ukraine putting his life at risk right next to me. While he was there to document the operation, we also became dear friends. I’m thrilled not only with the outcome of the Grey Space PSA, but also to have him in Project DYNAMO’s corner and part of the family and our tribe.”

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