Property Finder launches WhatsApp Leads to Augment User-Experience

UAE-based Property Finder, a real estate startup that operates in seven big markets comprising Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco, and Turkey has recently launched a WhatsApp search tool called as WhatsApp Leads to address inquiries over WhatsApp. Around 83 percent of UAE’s population uses WhatsApp and leveraging the same for customers would be a smart move considering the convenience of using WhatsApp for a potential customer looking for a property.


WhatsApp leads allows clients to check on the availability and specifications of a property with an agent even after office hours.

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Property Finder said it is the first property portal in the UAE offering this service, adding that about 45,000 listings on Property Finder now have the WhatsApp feature attached to them, which is equal to almost 50 percent of listings on the Property Finder website.

โ€œWith 80 percent of the UAE’s population using WhatsApp, and many users browsing properties late in the evening when calling is not an option, we wanted to make it even easier for our users to contact an agent about a property,โ€

Yi-Wei Ang, vice-president of product, Property Finder.

Ang said that with a real estate agent available at their fingertips on WhatsApp, customers can now receive more photos, documents, videos and voice notes about the property of their interest and get all their queries answered instantly.

Source: Arabian Business

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