How to protect your valuables when moving

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Studies say that you are likely to move around 12 times during your life, but even so, people become nervous before it happens. One of the things they worry about the most is their belongings; they are concerned that things will get lost or damaged during the move, meaning they have to pay out money they hadn’t accounted for to replace them or, for those items that are unique and can’t be replaced due to emotional reasons, they will simply become upset, and the move will have a negative edge to it.

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If your valuables are your main concern when moving, there are some things you can do to minimize the issue and ensure – as far as possible – that they stay safe. Read on to find out more.

Store Fragile Items

If it’s your fragile items you’re most worried about, why not store them ahead of time so you know they are safe and you can move them yourself as and when you need to? You can choose a good storage unit to keep things in, ensuring they are secure, and when you are settled into your new home, you can go and collect them and set them up wherever it is you want them to be.

If the property you’re moving to is empty, you could go one better; you could organize mobile storage from the likes of BoiseBox. By having a storage unit at the new property, you can keep all your valuables there and move them inside piece by piece when you are ready. This could save a lot of trouble and would even make a move easier as it could happen over time.

Pack Well

If you’re unable to store anything or the move has to happen all in one day, and you’re employing movers or doing it all yourself, you must ensure that your packing materials are high quality. Less is definitely not more in this case, and it’s much better to have too much bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts, and boxes rather than too little and having to skimp on the packaging. Don’t forget that as well as wrapping everything well, you should pack things tightly into the boxes you are using. In this way, there will be fewer breakages because things won’t move around so much.

If everything is wrapped well-using quality packing materials, it’s far less likely any harm will come to anything. Although it will take longer to pack – and unpack – everything, at least you can be sure that once you do unwrap it all, you won’t come across any broken pieces, which would be very upsetting indeed.

Hire Professional Movers

It can be tempting to do the move yourself and save a lot of money – potentially thousands of dollars – but there are a number of reasons why it’s actually much better to hire professional movers. The first is that moving house is what they do all the time; they are experts in it, and they will know exactly how to handle all your items and even how to store them in their van.

On top of this, professional movers will be insured. This means that should the worst happen, you can claim for the damages and will be more easily able to replace the broken items. Although this won’t necessarily prevent breakages, it will make dealing with them much easier.


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