Rabbit R1 goes Out-of-Stock on Day-1, Sells over 10,000 units

The Rabbit R1, a smartphone alternative gadget was showcased at the popular CES 2024 international tech event by the Consumer Technology Association that was held between 9 to 12 Jan 2024 in Las Vegas.


According to the X handle of the gadget maker Rabbit Inc., the pocket-sized gadget was gone out of stock after selling over 10,000 units on its launch date.

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“When we started building r1, we said internally that we’d be happy if we sold 500 devices on launch day. In 24 hours, we already beat that by 20x!” – “10,000 units on day 1!” – “Second batch available now at http://rabbit.tech Expected delivery date is April – May 2024.” – said the announcement by Rabbit Inc. on X

Priced at $199 and pitched as a smartphone alternative, the AI-powered gadget is designed to run your apps itself for the users.

The Rabbit R1 runs on the Rabbit OS operating system and encompasses a small 2.88-inch touchscreen, a 4G SIM slot, and a dedicated soft button that allows the user to evoke the assistant. The users interact with the device through voice commands. The device utilizes the stored apps to fulfill basic commands such as making calls, booking a cab, sending text messages, playing music, purchasing groceries, and more.

Besides this, the gadget also possesses a feature for the users to train the assistant on how to interact with various apps.

According to the company, pre-orders for the Rabbit R1 device are available on the official website and are expected to be delivered between April and May 2024.

Riyaz Idrisi
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