Romance books to read while you stay at home

Staying at home and don’t know what to do? Try reading a romance novel. Romance is one of the most popular book genres. From young ones to adults, everyone enjoys a book that reminds them of the warmth of love. Countless authors have written romance novels through the centuries.


The best thing about these books? They are not limited to just romance. For you, we have created a list of some of the best romance novels. These will keep you company while you stay at home.

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What’s Good About Falling

Written by Prajwal Hedge, the novel focuses on two different individuals from the sports industry brought together by love. What’s Good About Falling? features the central lead, Arya Ashok, encountering a breathing disorder. Being one of the world’s top ten tennis players, a breathing disorder indicates letting go of her dream to achieve the Grand Slam title.

On the other hand, lies the life of Arvind Ram, the biggest new prodigy in the world of cricket. Arvind’s narratives follow his difficult childhood devoid of love and money. The romance takes place when Arvind finds Arya at Wimbledon and tries to woo her. As a result, the couple sparks media coverage across the world. The conflict sets the couple apart in the opposite direction both the sports prodigies wish to take. Can their love survive the conflicts that are yet to come? Read to find out!

Write Me A Love Story

Ravinder Singh is one of the most celebrated romance novelists in India. Write Me A Love Story is another one of his books that has captured the heart of the youth. If you are someone who enjoys narratives where opposites attract, then you will love this novel. The story is set in the Indian publishing house, PaperInk. Abhimanyu Razdan, a bestselling romance writer, finds himself being approached by PaperInk.

Right before his first official meeting, Abhimanyu finds himself in an argument with Asmita, the literary fiction editor. Unlike his sensitive characters, Abhimanyu is an egoistic character which is why he is always at loggerheads with Asmita. Despite Asmita’s apology, Abhimanyu still remains irked with her and vows to get his revenge. Unaware of their conflicts, the future has something else in store for them. Read up to find out how these two opposites find their way to each other.

How To Make Anyone Like You

Everyone has once in their life wished to be more popular or simply be liked by everyone. Leil Lowndes understood what makes up the major concern of modern society. Taking all that, she found a solution and added it to her book. How To Make Anyone Like You features effective strategies that will help you with exactly what the title says.

Love Letters From Golok

Written by Holly Gayley, Love Letter From Golok features a romantic narrative you might not have heard before. The book focuses on the courtship between two Buddhist tantric masters. As you might have already guessed, the book is in the form of letters shared between Tare Lhamo and Namtrul Rinpoche. The letters highlight their passion for “reinvigorating Buddhism in eastern Tibet”. Taking place in the post-Mao era, the letters span from 1978 to 1980.

Highly passionate about their religious associations, their courtship takes a prophetic dimension. Further, the book also highlights issues concerning gender and agency in Buddhism. Several other concerns, such as cultural preservation and alternative histories of minorities, are also significant to the narrative. Belonging to Tibetan Literature, the book is an exemplary example of a culturally rich romantic text. If you have sought something different, then this book would be the best choice for you.

Love Rules

Finding romance in real life is not as easy as finding it in novels and fictional narratives. However, Joanna Coles has a solution to that. In her book, Love Rules, Coles has made it simple for anyone to find love most easily. The book comprises a straightforward, effective guide that can help you find the one. So, if you are tired of not finding love, you know how to know!


That was all! Now you know what romance books you can read while you are staying at home. We have added a list of non-fiction as well as fiction books to this list, so you can read both a real-life heart-warming love story and a delightful romance novel.

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