Ronaldo buys a mansion in Jumeirah Bay Island, Dubai

According to various reports, the renowned Portuguese professional footballer who currently captains both Al Nassr and Saudi Pro League football clubs has purchased a mansion in Jumeirah Bay Island, Dubai which is nicknamed ‘Billionaire’s Island’ and a home for wealthy Saudis, Indians, Israelis, and Russians.


It is worth noting that Cristiano Ronaldo currently bases himself in Dubai enjoys an attractive salary of £175 million annually from the Saudi Pro League, and holds a portfolio of real estate across multiple nations.

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Ronaldo is recently getting applauded for being the top goalscorer in the football world throughout 2023 despite not winning any trophies.

It is rumored that the mansion in Billionaire’s Island has cost Ronaldo tens of millions of pounds though the precise figure and specifics are not known yet.

A mansion in Jumeirah Bay Island typically measures 30,000 sq mt and encompasses six bedrooms, private access to a beach, a spa, a swimming pool, and a showroom with a capacity of seven cars.

Besides this, the island faces the open sea and the renowned Burj Khalifa, and sports a gated community, fine-dining restaurants, a yacht club, and a beach resort.

Ronaldo is expected to spend time in the island with family, a 2-hour flight to Riyadh where he plays for Al-Nassr.

Speaking of his brilliant 2023, Ronaldo in a statement to SSC Sports said,

“Very happy, was a good year for me, collective and individual too. I scored so many goals. I helped the team a lot at Al-Nassr and also with the national team so I’m really proud,” said Ronaldo

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