How to make your startup or company stand out

It is no secret that 2020 was a challenging year for people across the globe. However, that does not necessarily mean it has stood in the way of success. In fact, a report by Statistica found that in 2020, 804,398 new businesses were formed in the USA alone. This is a significant rise from previous years and demonstrates excellent determination and tenacity.


How to stand out?

While this is good news, it also means that small companies are facing more competition than ever before. With a diluted market, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and bring in new customers. As such, it is difficult to stay afloat during this time, but it does not mean it is impossible. Here are some of the things you can do to stand out from the masses in 2021.

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1. Focus on your online presence

When you start a business, it makes good sense to start online before opening a physical shop. This saves you money on rent but can also allow you to gain a better understanding of your customer base and how they respond to your products. It also means that you are helping keep yourself and others safe by giving your customers the option to shop from the safety of their own home.

There are many different ways you can build an online presence.

  • Focus on building a clean, easy to use website.
  • Run a blog that includes links to your products.
  • Focus on social media, namely, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Set up a mailing list.
  • Connect with other businesses in your local area, and share each other’s content to boost sales.

Another way in which you can use the internet to your advantage is by incorporating it into your marketing strategy. Online adverts have proven time and time again to be the most effective at capturing a customer’s eye and encouraging them to make a sale. They are now the most popular form of advertising, with traditional print adverts fading into relative obscurity.

However, if you really want to make the most of online advertising, you may wish to hire a PPC agency. Not only would an agency help you to curate excellent content, but they can also ensure that the ads reach your customers at an ideal time when they are ready and willing to make a purchase. This can significantly increase your income, as you are reaching out to your customers at the ideal time, as opposed to them seeing an advert when they are not looking to make a purchase.

2. Focus on your customers

The world of business can be rather cut-throat, especially in the first few years of business. In fact, you may feel as though you are in competition with other companies, or that you need to behave a certain way in order to succeed. When you enter into this mindset, you will begin to value money above anything else. Not only will this bring you unnecessary stress; it is not the way a business should be run. As a result, you could lose sight of why you started the company in the first place, and alienate your customers.

If you want to succeed, your customers should be at the heart of everything you do. Whenever you introduce a new product, it should be designed to make their lives easier or keep them entertained. If they complain about a product, respond to them in a timely manner, and work on a resolution together. When you operate with the customer in mind, they will reward you with loyalty. As a result, they are more likely to make a purchase or recommend you to others.

Customers appreciate it when they are clearly valued, and doing so will help you stand out from the crowd.

3. Focus on innovation

Perhaps the easiest way to stand out from the crowd is to ensure that you are providing your customers with a product or service that they could not get anywhere else. For example, if you do not bring anything new to the table, it will be hard to stand out, especially if numerous companies offer similar products.

Whenever possible, you should focus on new innovative business ideas that will continually impress your customers. Don’t just settle for one good idea – continue to push and challenge yourself moving forward. After a successful product launch, think about what you can do next. One way in which you can figure out what your customers want is by holding focus groups.

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