Steppi – UAE-based corporate health software provider raises $720K

Steppi, Dubai, UAE-based corporate health and community engagement platform, has recently announced that the company has raised $720K in a seed funding round from undisclosed investors.


Launched late 2019, amid COVID-19 by Joe Franklin and Milos Savic, Steppi aims to address the inactivity in the workplaces and improve employee wellbeing by incentivizing them for being active. The company does it by offering software that is currently being adopted by government and privately-owned organisations across the UAE. On similar lines, Franklin in a statement said,

Cutting-edge solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency.
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β€œWe saw wearable adoption increasing and growing demand for corporate health software from government and privately-owned companies here in the UAE. We set out to create a corporate health platform that adhered to local regulations on data hosting and supported both English and Arabic language.”

Both co-founders, Joe and Milos hold over 10 years of experience of working with leading fitness wearable brands in the Middle East. Which is why they developed Steppi as a platform that could connect with the leading wearable fitness brands like Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple. Additionally, employees’ activity can also be tracked using any mobile phone using Google Fit or Apple Health Kit apps.

Apart from working with government and corporate clients, Steppi also works with schools and educational institutions through its Steppi Schools Initiative. Speaking of which, Emily Franklin, Head of Wellness at Steppi in a statement said,

β€˜β€™The Steppi Schools project is an initiative that the whole Steppi team is incredibly passionate about. Addressing inactivity at a young age encourages users to make healthier decisions for their future. We are running pilot projects with GEMS World Academy and Sunmarke International School and the results have been amazing. Our first challenge with Sunmarke saw an 81% increase in activity from participants throughout the period.’’

Milos in a statement affirmed that despite launching Steppi during the COVID-19 outbreak, the company didn’t face any challenges, but witnessed a great opportunity,

“like many businesses we were catapulted into this new world without warning, our purpose has always been to encourage and reward people for being more active. In a time where businesses have faced unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak, this is required now more than ever. Traditionally, corporations have allocated CRS budgets towards physical events that run for a day or two, software platforms like Steppi provide long term benefits with quantifiable ROI that far outweigh these outdated methods. Steppi acts as the digital foundation that all corporate health programs will be built upon in the future.”

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Pradeep Singh

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