5 steps to start an online coaching business

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If you are an active listener who pays attention to details that others miss and a world-class problem solver, you have all the qualities of a great online coach. An online coaching business is conducting coaching over the internet. Running an online coaching business has multiple advantages over a traditional coaching business.

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As of January 2021, around 59.5 % of the world’s population is online, and that’s an enormous number – giving edtech sector a big-time boom. Taking your coaching business online opens up a large target market opportunity rather than being restricted from being offline and limited geographically. If you are an individual who wants to enter the industry or already running a traditional coaching business and want to take it online, this blog is the right place to start.

Here is a quick guide on how to start a coaching business online and building a successful coaching career.

1. Niche yourself to stand out

Starting an online coaching business doesn’t mean simply reaching out to your target audience. You must be able to get your target customers to resonate with your message to convert them into clients. And that’s why niching is important; it holds power to make or break your online coaching business. The biggest mistake most coaches who struggle to get their coaching business off the ground make is that they do not create a niche. Most coaches start with an abstract idea and try to target a large demographic to get more customers.

However, this is not a productive idea. As there is a lot of competition in the market, you must niche yourself to be able to resonate with your customers strongly.

A powerful niche includes two aspects:

  • Target demographic of your market
  • What you can offer your target clients

To find the right niche for yourself, ask the following questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Is your niche rich and easy to reach?
  • Will your target clients be able to pay you for your coaching services?
  • Are your problem-solving solutions worth paying for?

2. Pricing for success

You have identified your niche and planned what kind of services to offer to your clients; now, you must price it right. Charging your clients per hour is an option, but most successful coaches don’t choose this pricing strategy. This is because most clients don’t pay for your processor for the time you spend with them. Instead, they are willing to pay for the dedicated outcome that they expect to achieve. Hence, you can make a pricing package that is outcome-based. 

Create multiple packages from basic to advanced, detailing what services they get in return. By offering multiple packages, you can effectively target clients of different preferences. Most of them will be willing to pay a premium price for a premium package as it brings in maximum benefit.

3. Business models for exceptional growth

The business models play an integral part in the success of your online coaching business. Once you have an idea of the pricing strategy of your services, look into different coaching models and choose either one or a combination of online coaching strategies. 

Here are some of the common business models you can adopt for your business”

  • One-one Coaching
    One-one coaching is one of the common forms of business model which is offering individual coaching. You provide personal coaching sessions to clients where you work with them on an individual basis. This type of online coaching allows your clients to get individual coaching, and the session is catered to provide personalized solutions to client problems.
  • Group Coaching
    This business model delivers sessions to a closed group who attends the program together. The coach offers support to multiple members of the group at a time. As with any other type of online coaching, it is carried out remotely via audio and video conferencing solutions. The group can be of different sizes depending on your coaching program. By conducting group classes, you can increase productivity by spending your time with several clients at a time instead of spending time for individual clients.
  • Membership model
    In this business model, you give members access to your coaching, training material, tools, and a community, for a membership fee. Only paid members can access your coaching. 
    You can create a membership plan on your online coaching website and allow clients to book private or group sessions until they are subscribed to a membership plan. Memberships are great as they can further leverage your time and efforts, bringing in exponential results.

4. Build a website to host your online coaching services

If you are planning to start online coaching, the mandatory thing you need is an online platform to offer your services on. Having a professional website serves as the soul of your business’s online presence. A website legitimizes your online caching business and allows your potential clients to find you easily. To build a business website to power your online coaching service, you can rely on professional software. If you are looking for legitimate software, Pinlearn is one such self-hosted software to connect with your potential clients and grow your business. You can easily build a customized website that allows you to conduct one-on-one coaching and group classes just like the way you want. With the right software, you can find yourself working more on growing your business rather than worrying about the other aspects of offering a seamless client experience.

5. Market effectively

One of the most critical steps of running an online coaching business is to market your services the right way. Only if you get your services in front of the right people the right way would you grow your business. Rely on SEO to target the right keywords, have the right type of promotion and outreach. 

Online advertising is another way to promote your online coaching business. Focus on community building to build traffic as it takes a lot of time and effort to create an online community and manage it. You can also leverage email marketing to target and reach out to your clients. Referrals and the network market are another quickest and cheapest way to get new ideal clients.


Every business is built step by step, and the online coaching business is no different. Thanks to the modern technology that is available today, it allows anyone to start an online coaching business effortlessly. Take some time and build your professional website to take your first step to your online coaching business. Clients rely on you to avail your exceptional services, and you owe it to them to stay on top of new trends in your niche, so define your unique selling propositions. To attract clients and excel in your industry, rely on best practices followed by successful online coaches.


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