Surrogacy – A boon or bane to mothers

The warmth of giving birth to a child adorns a lady, it’s a feeling that constitutes of the 3 P’s – Priceless, Pure and Precious.


Still the most magical day of my life was when I became the mom

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From being a daughter, a sister, a wife (and many other relations) the phase of a girl’s life cycle becomes most special when she has her baby in her arms. After 9 months of carrying the child in her womb, and going through unbearable pain during delivery, all the struggle pays off when she sees the adoring face of her child.

Until you’ve counted little tors-laffaz

Delivery time is the first and the last time that a mother smiles seeing her baby cry.

Not every couple who wants a child experiences the joy of being called as mom and dad, not every mom experiences the bliss of giving birth to a child.

Since the scientific advancements today have reached another level there are a number of ways actually with which even parents which are unable to fertilize can have their own baby, one of them being SURROGACY.

What surrogacy actually means?

The Wikipedia definition of surrogacy is:

Surrogacy is a method or agreement whereby a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for another person or persons, who will become the newborn child’s parent(s) after birth.”

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Actually, it’s a practice whereby parents who cannot fertilize or pregnancy is not possible due to certain medical issues can have their own child by means of a surrogate mother.

Any lady who agrees to carry someone else’s child in her womb for 9 months and ultimately ends up giving the baby to the authorized parents is called a surrogate mother.

If the surrogacy is carried out between anonymous people that is the surrogate mother and the authorized parents are not related to each other and the authorized parents pay the surrogate mother in cash or kind then the surrogacy carried out is termed “Commercial Surrogacy”.

Commercial Surrogacy

When giving birth to a child becomes a business then such a practice is called Commercial surrogacy.

In most cases, the surrogate mother agrees to such a contract because of poverty and lack of education. The need to live a sustainable life compels them to carry someone else’s child and end up losing the child to the authorized parents.

Hardships faced by the surrogate mother

Owing to the orthodox beliefs and disgusting mindsets of people the surrogate mothers are ultimately forced to stay away from family and friends in a deserted place where not many people come to know about the surrogacy procedure the lady is undergoing. At the time when the surrogate mother needs immense care, love, and support she ends up in some isolated area where she herself has to manage her livelihood.

Moreover as a practice of commercial surrogacy, the surrogacy clinics running all across the globe take this as an opportunity to feed their pockets thereby charging large amounts from the parents willing to have a child and giving the petty sum to the surrogate mother. Also, many such clinics drag ladies into the business so as to earn large sums. Ultimately it is the surrogate mother which suffers in such a case.

The inefficiency of the laws regarding surrogacy

Bills regarding abolishment of commercial surrogacy have been passed, but there are a number of inefficiencies which still lay ahead.

Owing to the abolishment of commercial surrogacy targeted at many areas all across the globe, the practice still has not reached a full stop.

Trading of sperms is now being practiced overseas. The surrogate mother; after being done with the medical procedure is sent to some other place where no such laws abide. After she gives birth to the child the authorized parents come to the place and collect their child.

Example of such disgusting activity

When India first banned surrogacy for gay couples in 2012, various infertility businesses in Delhi continued to sign on gay clients from all over the world. Clients shipped their frozen sperm to Delhi, which was used to fertilize eggs from Indian donors. The resulting embryos, legally belonging to the gay men, were implanted into Indian surrogate mothers. To avoid the ban, infertility clinics then moved surrogate mothers across international borders into Nepal. There, they gave birth and clients arrived to pick up their children.

I feel this is disgusting, it’s the surrogate mother who is left alone in some foreign country where she is alien to the people, the food, and even the language. She is made to stay away from friends and family to provide someone else the benefits of having a child and at the end of the day, she is paid a nominal price that counts nowhere to what she has already gone through.

Laws regarding surrogacy in India

India puts a ban on commercial surrogacy and has also claimed to have a check on the number of surrogacy clinics and surrogate mothers in India.

Owing to the hardships the surrogate mothers were posed to certain bills have been formulated but not passed yet.

A brief outline of the bills states that a surrogate mother cannot be an anonymous person to the parents wanting a child through surrogacy. The surrogate mother should have either blood relation or any other relation with the authorized parents.

Also since the Indian government claims to put a full stop to commercial surrogacy the authorized parents are not allowed to pay the surrogate mother in cash or kind, they can only assist medical bills and fulfill other needs during pregnancy.

The darker side

It’s always the best feeling to be a mother, to be called a “mother” by her own child. But the darker side of such a pure emotion is brutal. The commercialization of surrogacy and the hardships that the surrogate mother is prone to be depressing.

But nonetheless, i hope that the government takes better decisions that would lead to the development of the society and puts an end to such wicked practices.

Comment your views regarding the same below in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Guneet Kaur
Guneet Kaur

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