SWEET & SWEAT – 7 Fitness Activities Couples Must Try

SWEET AND SWEAT - 7 Fitness Activities Couples Must Try
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Getting fit is a hard-to-achieve goal because there are many sacrifices which you have to do, but the process is also exciting, fun and fulfilling. There are many ways by which you can make your fitness journey enjoyable, and one of them is working out and getting fit together with your significant other.

Many couples take advantage of working out as a form of bonding and catching up when both of them are busy with studies or work. If you are in love or feeling that you’ll meet your special someone sooner or later, it’s a great way to spend and to lift each other up. With that, here are the 7 fitness activities couples that you and your special someone can do to get fit together!

#1. You gotta do it together: PARTNER YOGA

If there’s a fitness activity you’d surely need to cooperate and make an excellent team with your partner, Partner Yoga it is! Basically, it’s an upgraded version of yoga, and you do it with someone else. It is a good bonding time with your partner because it enhances not only the fitness aspect of both of you but as well as your relationship.

Since this activity requires physical contact, there is a need for balance, focus and coordination. You get closer, literally. You perform all the poses together as a partner, so you need to effectively communicate and most especially, trust each other. Also, you have to be concerned with each other’s safety as you do the poses since some of them are actually challenging.

AcroYoga is Partner Yoga on a higher level since one balances on the other. Other poses include Buddy Boat Pose and Double Downward Dog.

#2. Catch me if you run: RUNNING

One of the most basic activities that you can do with your partner to get fit is to run together! Not running away from responsibilities and from parents but running as a form of exercising. You can do this even without planning for it. It is, however, more proper and systematic if you set a specific schedule and place.

You can decide between jogging or running or even walking, whatever you want, but if you also want to make it as a form of a bonding competition with your partner, you can too! You can choose whether to make the running an intense exercise or just a chill one wherein you can talk to each other and catch up while you run!

Choosing a nice starting place and destination also matters. It’d make the moment more romantic and enjoyable. You could also meet some cute pets on the way and great friends along the road. You’ll sweat and feel refreshed as you run with the person you love while watching the sunrise or the sunset! What a lovely scene!

#3. Not a bad sport: BADMINTON

Sports are also great choices of fitness activities for couples. You’ll surely have fun and get your body going! Instead of group sports like basketball and volleyball, you can play Badminton. It’s not really necessary for you to have a ring or a net in order to play it. Shuttlecock and rackets are enough, then you can find a nice place to play.

Even when you choose a public park, you won’t disturb the people around you unlike when you play volleyball there. This sport is truly gonna let the sweat out of you as it requires body coordination, reaction time, flexibility and arm power as well.

With this, you can enhance your skills, your physical abilities as well as your relationship. If your husband or wife doesn’t know much about playing the sport, you can teach him/her. It’d be a great time to bond and to learn who between you is the more sporty one!


There’s no need to be alone going to the gym anymore because you can hit it with your darling! There are many exercise equipment which you can utilize, but as a couple, a challenging thing to do and a unique couple thing also is lifting weights! It’s not something that many couples do, so try it out and be game changers!

One of you can be a spotter to ensure that the form is correct and there’s nothing wrong with how the other is lifting. Most especially if it’s your partner’s first time trying it, it’d be fun — a new and exciting experience! You’re there together to encourage and to cheer each other up, whether with weights in the gym or with the heavy loads in life!

#5. Dance the fight away: DANCING

There are fitness activities that do not seem like a fitness obligation at all, and one of them is dancing! This is definitely a pleasurable way to reach the fitness finish line! You can choose to dance at home, in a gym or in a dance studio! It depends if you want to be part of a fitness dance class or to have it on your own style and schedule!

The fun thing about this is you can choose your jam as your dance songs. You can select your favorite songs as a couple; that would be much more enjoyable for you both! Also, doing this together, you’ll get to know who has a talent in dancing and who needs improvement!

Also, if you’re just at home or in a comfortable place to exercise, you can play a fitness dance instructional video for you to follow. Dancing is such a great way to get fit, bond and discover more about each other. A previous argument and misunderstanding might also be lightened up and eventually solved if you’ll be in harmony while you dance as partners. Shoo the bad vibes away! It’s a delightful time to dance and fall in love gracefully!

#6. Pool of sweetness: SWIMMING

Now if you want to be a really extra couple, you can have swimming as your couple fitness activity! Well, you absolutely need to make time for this, to prepare your swimming attire and all your energies!

It’s really nice to do it during summer because of the weather, but if you don’t want to be with many people, you can swim at a season when swimming isn’t what everyone’s thinking about. You can also rent a private resort if you have the budget and if you also want to consider it as a vacation. You can race in the pool or teach each other some new tricks and strokes. Let sweetness dive into the water!


While you can see many people riding a bicycle all by themselves, you don’t have to be alone because you can invite your sweetheart to cycle with you. If you have bicycles, you can roam within the city or to far places! Actually, many people only ride their bicycles on the way to a near province or a city. While you do so, you see beautiful sceneries around. Unlike when you’re riding a public transportation, with your bicycles, the both of you can stop over to stare, take pictures and appreciate the wonders you see.

Biking enhances leg muscles and your whole body’s strength as well! Alertness is improved too. You also care for each other because you don’t travel alone but with someone you love although he/she is on a different ride.

On a literal level and at the same time on a relationship level, you learn to wait for and understand each other even when the other is slow, tired or hurt.

Fit and in Love

Your relationship with your partner, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, your husband or your wife will be made even healthier if you together do things that improve your health and your relationship as a whole. Your role is to support each other, to cheer and encourage and to see each other improve and be better as you aim for your fitness goals together.

With these fitness activities, you don’t just get physically tired and sweaty but also physically revitalized and sweeter!

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