SWEET & SWEAT – 7 Fitness Activities Couples Must Try

SWEET AND SWEAT - 7 Fitness Activities Couples Must Try
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Getting fit is a hard-to-achieve goal because there are many sacrifices which you have to do, but the process is also exciting, fun and fulfilling. There are many ways by which you can make your fitness journey enjoyable, and one of them is working out and getting fit together with your significant other.

Many couples take advantage of working out as a form of bonding and catching up when both of them are busy with studies or work. If you are in love or feeling that you’ll meet your special someone sooner or later, it’s a great way to spend and to lift each other up. With that, here are the 7 fitness activities couples that you and your special someone can do to get fit together!

#1. You gotta do it together: PARTNER YOGA

If there’s a fitness activity you’d surely need to cooperate and make an excellent team with your partner, Partner Yoga it is! Basically, it’s an upgraded version of yoga, and you do it with someone else. It is a good bonding time with your partner because it enhances not only the fitness aspect of both of you but as well as your relationship.

Since this activity requires physical contact, there is a need for balance, focus and coordination. You get closer, literally. You perform all the poses together as a partner, so you need to effectively communicate and most especially, trust each other. Also, you have to be concerned with each other’s safety as you do the poses since some of them are actually challenging.

AcroYoga is Partner Yoga on a higher level since one balances on the other. Other poses include Buddy Boat Pose and Double Downward Dog.

#2. Catch me if you run: RUNNING

One of the most basic activities that you can do with your partner to get fit is to run together! Not running away from responsibilities and from parents but running as a form of exercising. You can do this even without planning