Tamatem – Jordan-based mobile game developer & publisher raises $3.5 Mn from Wamda

▸ Wamda invests for the second time in Tamatem
▸ Tamatem will also be launching an investment & acquisitions fund to support independent developers & studios


Amman, Jordan-based mobile game development and publisher Tamatem today raised $3.5 million from Wamda. This is the second time Wamda invested in the company, the previous one was back in 2018, $2.5 million in a Series A round.

As reported by Wamda earlier today, Tamatem is aiming to utilise the fresh funds to expand into new markets and boost marketing for its current titles. The company is aiming to publish its titles in Turkey, South East Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. In addition, the company will soon launch an investment and acquisitions fund to support independent developers and studios by allowing them to grow their titles, operations whilst maintaining their independence.

Commenting on the investment round, Fadi Ghandour, executive chairman of Wamda said…

“Tamatem has cemented its presence as a leader in Mena’s gaming market, a space driven by strong consumer demand for localised global titles and culturally relevant content. The launch of its fund offers an opportunity to further develop the gaming industry in the region, where Tamatem is uniquely positioned to build strong partnerships with local and regional developers,”

Affirming the growth potential of Tamatem, Hussam Hammo, CEO of Tamatem said, Tamatem is aiming beyond just the Arabic-speaking market.

“Many startups in the Middle East feel their market potential is limited to just this region. We are excited to see businesses think beyond those boundaries and I am proud that the team at Tamatem is now also looking beyond the Arabic-speaking market. I believe this latest round of funding will allow us to truly deliver on our vision of becoming the top mobile games publisher for every underserved emerging market in the world.”


About Tamtem

Founded in 2013 by Hussam Hammo, Tamatem was initially focussed on developing mobile games and in 2015 also became a publisher working with developers across a number of countries. The company today is a leading mobile game publisher in the MENA region and has published over 40 different games for Android and iOS.

The current state of gaming in MENA

According to Newzoo, a global leader in games and esports analytics, the MENA region is seeing great heights for the past few years as the world’s most active gaming community, hosting around 587 million online gamers in 2017. According to Statista, the mobile games market in the region is expected to reach around $2.3 million in 2020 which is gigantic as compared to $680 million in 2015. Followed by which is the eSports industry which

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